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Question 1 - 62
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  1. Is America the Babylon of Scriptures?

  2. What is the so-called "Recovery Version" of the Bible

  3. "...but we shall all be changed" (1Cor 15:51): Is this some kind of Rapture???

  4. Rebuttal to a Pre-Trib Rapturist

  5. A mocker of God answered; Witnessing to a Heathen

  6. An Atheist ignorantly says that the Bible is copied from Pagan myths

  7. Is "Christian Identity" & " British Israelism" teaching, racist?

  8. Documentation that Adam of Gen 2:7 was Formed after (and separate from) the creation of man and women in Gen 1:27

  9. What denomination is Watchmen Bible Study Group?

  10. Noah's flood and eating of flesh

  11. How can I find a good church?

  12. Why the various different names for Moses' Father in law?

  13. How do we 'know' that the word "knew" in Hebrew (yada`) means "sexual intercourse?"

  14. The 'one-third' souls of Rev 12:4 and the 'fallen angels'

  15. Are the Two Witnesses to be flesh men?

  16. Does God NEED the four beasts, the Zoon, to protect Him?

  17. Did Moses marry a Kenite?

  18. A-Millenialism. What is it, and is it Biblical?

  19. Was the holocaust of the Jews in WWII greatly over- exaggerated?

  20. Was the Mt. St. Helens eruption really a sign?

  21. Which day is the true Sabbath, and what of it?

  22. Why were women specifically warned to have the veil of Christ over them?

  23. Do the Scriptures speak of Predestination?

  24. Racism - Is the teaching of the Biblical 6th and 8th day creations, racist?

  25. Why did The Mercy Seat need to be protected and guarded in Ezekiel 28:14?

  26. About the 'Word-faith' Movement

  27. Who's the 'prince' and who's the 'king' of Tyrus in Ezek 28?

  28. When was the word 'Jew' first used in the Bible versions; are modern day so-called Jews the 'chosen of God' in the Bible?  

  29. Is Gen 1:27 and Gen 2:7 describing the same event? Differences shown

  30. Noah's Flood not global, nor does the Bible say it was: proofs

  31. 'Young Earth' disproven. Should Christians be afraid of Science? The Bible isn't!

  32. Purposely abstaining from Medical treatment of serious treatable illness: Faith, or testing God?

  33. Who were the others crucified with Christ?

  34. The so-called "Bema Seat" and the Great White Throne "Judgment Day of Rev 20:11-15" - Are there two Judgment Days?

  35. If Adam was Jesus' first ancestor, then where do the 6th day creation fit in?

  36. The 'first' heaven and the 'first' earth reference in Rev 21:1

  37. The Katabole: (the destruction of the first earth age)

  38. Did Jacob wrestle with Jesus, and who was Melchizedec?

  39. The Parable Of The Wedding Feast

  40. Are some more blessed (or 'rewarded') in Heaven than others?

  41. Does 1st Jn 5:7 belong in the Bible? (of course it does)

  42. Some 50% of non-Catholic Christians believe in a Rapture, strength in numbers or company on the way down?!?

  43. The origin of the varied false Rapture doctrines and the differences between them

  44. Should true Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter?

  45. Looking for a map that has 'Arimathea' on it

  46. The change of bodies at the Seventh Trump

  47. The anointing of your home

  48. Reasons why antichrist can't be a flesh man but is in fact satan himself

  49. The Tribulation & the Mark Of The Beast explained

  50. What is the difference between a Post-Tribulation Rapture theory and no Rapture at all?

  51. What does Jesus mean by "a thief in the night"?

  52. Where is satan today?

  53. Is the Throne of God guarded and why?

  54. Can Christians fellowship with the apostate Catholic Church, and what is the Sabbath day NOW?

  55. The Heavenly Temple, the Bride of Christ and the end-time generation timeline of God

Question 64 - 117
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  1. Was Eve's sin more than simply sexual in nature?  And just what exactly did Adam do?
  2. Did Dr. E. W. Bullinger of the Companion Bible believe in the Eighth Day Creation?
  3. The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem
  4. The truth about what will happen during the Great Tribulation of Antichrist
  5. More documentation that only satan himself shall be the antichrist
  6. What is the difference between the tribulations of Christians worldwide who are now being killed in antichristian countries and the Great tribulation of written of in the book of Revelation?
  7. The different roles and names of satan all down through time explained (he has many!)
  8. Will antichrist appear as a flesh man, and is he here on earth now?
  9. How can we know that the Israelites didn’t make up GOD

  10. Are there books 'missing' from the Bible?

  11. Is the situation of some peoples lives an unbreakable unfair destiny? Also: Abortion mentioned

  12. The danger of false books of so-called scripture claiming to be among the true Scriptures of God

  13. Was Cain a 'Giant?'

  14. Was all of mankind unfairly punished for Adam's sin?

  15. Does the Bible support the manner in which the Catholic Church 'reveres' Mother Mary, or it the practice strictly Roman and not Biblically supported?

  16. Is 'Ash Wednesday' Biblical, is it or 'Lent' in the Bible?

  17. How can we know that GOD is the true GOD...

  18. Where is antichrist (satan) between the time that the Fallen Angels (Locust Army) appear - and when he (satan) sets himself up as a false god (false messiah) on the earth?

  19. Where do Homosexuals stand with the Bible and God?

  20. Jeremiah chapter 35 explained; specifically verse 19

  21. Who wrote the book of Job and the other books of the Bible?

  22. Is 'Hell' a place of eternal torture or is it a blotting out of a soul?

  23. Cloning, can man really create life?

  24. The Rapture Theory and the "Spirit of Slumber," are they related?

  25. What is Baptism?

  26. What about all those lies against Jesus?

  27. Do all religious 'paths' lead to the same one God?

  28. Who are the real Egyptians and where did they come from?

  29. The Biblical Lachish, & Sennacherib, Hezekiah, and Isaiah the Prophet

  30. Why has God allowed Heathen to control Jerusalem at various times in history?

  31. Why will we have no 'gender' in Heaven?

  32. Should women be preachers/priests, what does the Bible teach?

  33. The Holy Trinity explained to a Muslim

  34. Did Jesus really whip the moneychangers?

  35. What is the best Bible version to study from, and why?

  36. Did God give Eve a different warning than He gave Adam in the Garden of Eden?

  37. Is sex within marriage only for having children?

  38. Does the Bible prohibit birth control?

  39. Is it wrong to drink alcohol? Can I lose my salvation?

  40. A man's family will not leave a false church. What Scriptures might help?

  41. How can I handle my anger? What does God's Word say?

  42. Is the New Testament writings of Paul inspired by God?

  43. What is Hell, and where are the dead now?

  44. What does 'the Rapture of the church' mean, and is it sound doctrine?

  45. The World Trade Organization, is it part of the first beast of Revelation Chapter 13?

  46. The timing and nature of the deadly wound to the beast of Revelation chapter 13

  47. The proper names of the fallen angels

  48. The loss of a loved one

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Question 117- 143
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  1. A man is told he studies the Bible too much

  2. Divorce; does God want us to stay in a 'bad' marriage?

  3. Why does God let bad things happen to us?

  4. The "born of the water" in John 3:5

  5. Would Adam have lived forever?

  6. Was Jesus God?

  7. Was Adam the first human?

  8. Can telling loved ones the truth now place them in spiritual danger in the Tribulation?

  9. How could the fallen angels of Gen 6 have impregnated flesh women?

  10. Who was this "Man Child" in Rev 12:5 that God took to His Throne?

  11. Who is that coming on the cloud in Rev 14:14?

  12. The Bodies and Corpses & Eagles and Vultures of Matt 24:28 and Luke 17:37

  13. Perfect example of the danger of the Rapture heresy: Man asks "Why the church should be concerned about 666 & the mark of the beast? Are they not going home at the rapture?"

  14. Did Jesus say that He built His Church on Peter? (No!)

  15. The Word of God from the Bible on Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and Bisexuality.

  16. When does God actually literally come to the earth

  17. Was Christ Crucified on a "tree," a "stake," or a "cross;" are they the same thing?  Also: The "wrist/hand  nailing controversy"

  18. How could satan have 'seed' to impregnate Eve?

  19. The non-global nature of Noah's Flood, and what is a soul?

  20. The tongues of 1st Corinthians 14

  21. Why doesn't the mainstream churches teach of the Kenites?

  22. Should true Christians today be upset at the state of the churches?

  23. Will one who has never heard of Jesus Christ be judged for not believing?

  24. Sexuality, Marriage, and Pornography

  25. Masturbation, does the Bible speak against it?

  26. To Shepherds Chapel students of Pastor M.

  27. Is the Jew's god the God of the Old Testament?  Are Jews the Hebrews and Israelites of the Bible?  Modern Jew's own shocking comments on these questions.

Question 144- 167
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  1. Gender in Heaven?

  2. God heals depression in some when they begin to be Christian Bible students

  3. Is Cremation Ok for the Christian?

  4. Are all angels (spiritual entities) male?

  5. What powers do evil spirits have on Earth now?

  6. Why does God let innocent children be killed?

  7. More on: was Jesus God?

  8. Possible Rapture originator, the Catholic Jesuit Priest Francisco Ribera, was a 'converted' Jew.

  9. Should true Christians today be upset at the state of the churches?

  10. Will one, who has never heard of Jesus Christ, be judged for not believing?

  11. Sexuality, Marriage, and Pornography

  12. Masturbation, does the Bible speak against it?

  13. "Suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man," Also: Radical Feminist/Militant Lesbian Movement, and what it is doing to society.

  14. Who's who: Adam and/or mankind, variously, in Gen 5:1-3

  15. Is the Jew's god the God of the Old Testament? Are Jews the Hebrews and Israelites of the Bible?  Modern Jew's own shocking comments on these questions.

  16. The dating of the Flood of Noah (and the Great Pyramid of Egypt)

  17. Rabbi says that Jews might not need God; Judaism teaches that the Jewish people, collectively, shall be the Messiah.

  18. Are so-called Jews a religion, race, or a nation?  And if neither, why then do they have a "Jewish look?"

  19. The Serpent Seed Doctrine in other non-Christian historical references, and In the written traditions of other non-Christian Religions

  20. John 8:39-44: Did Jesus really mean that they were born of the devil?

  21. Why was there Light in Gen 1:3 on the first day, but no sun until Gen 1:16 on the forth day?

  22. Illustration of an excellent computer Bible study tool

  23. What did Eve "eat" ('akal) in Gen 3:13―was it apples or adultery?

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Question 168- 190
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  1. And thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee

  2. Who/what were the Serpent and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden?

  3. The International merchants of social destruction

  4. Was the first choice of a help meet for Adam, animals?

  5. Are 'Gay' people born that way―did God create them Gay? Help offered

  6. Our response to Edgar J. Steele's "Conspiracy Pen Pal" Blog's misuse and maligning of the term "American Christian fundamentalists"

  7. Can we simply ask in Jesus' name for forgiveness, and be saved?

  8. Does using NWO controlled companies, like AOL, Microsoft, etc., make us part of the problem?

  9. Position; does WBSG have any connection to the Shepherds Chapel?

  10. How can we be sure that the gods of other religions are not equal to the God of the Bible?

  11. Does God blind the 'Jews' about Jesus Christ today?

  12. The King James Bible version is the true word of God in the English

  13. What did Jesus mean when He said: "wisdom is justified of all her children"?

  14. Why do so many of God's people allow evil people to control and rule over them when scripture teaches a way to identify the evil people of Satan?

  15. Predestination; are fates set in some cases?

  16. Confusing the matter by calling the Giants (children of the fallen angels) "Gibbor"; they are properly called Nephilim

  17. Is it OK for Christians to celebrate Christmas (and Easter) even though it has been Paganized?

  18. A Reader asks about the money system during the Tribulation

  19. Jehovah's Witnesses New World Translation Bible translation of John 1:1: "the Word was a god"

  20. Are Kenites real?  Where are they today?

  21. Does the book of Esther belong in the Bible?

  22. How can God speak to Jesus if they are One?

  23. The Tribulation; Seals Trumps, and Vials, have they commenced (started) yet? How long is it to be for?

Question 191-217
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  1. Who were the OTHER TREES in the Garden of Eden , that Adam & Eve could PARTAKE of?

  2. "And the woman said, 'The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat'." Means what?

  3. Jesus' lineage to Adam

  4. Sad and depressed

  5. The missing link between the serpent and the International Jewish dynasty families?  Maybe, maybe not.

  6. Does God's word speak about the mixing of races?

  7. Will there be animals in Heaven?

  8. The fundamental flaw in the "Sacred-Names Movement"

  9. Ecumenism, the 'anything-goes' religious dilution

  10. Where to Find Bible Study Partners. And a word of caution on the growing ecumenical Movements

  11. Marriages between people of different Christian denominations; and what of the child's Baptism?

  12. Are the "sons of God," of Genesis chapter six, the sons of human men or were they angelic beings?

  13. Masturbation, Leviticus, and DNA

  14. Supplementary:  Good News From Auschwitz!

  15. Is the God of the Old Testament the same as the God of the New Testament?

  16. Phenomenon: The trend to over-spiritualization-away the Scriptures to make them say what "we" want not what God meant.

  17. Guiltless?  Christians enabling satan's Homosexual Revolution through indifference and allowance

  18. How to be sure you're forgiven for Abortion. And, do the so-called elect have a license to sin?

  19. What plans and preparations should true Christians make for the Tribulation period?

  20. A reader's testimonial regarding the seduction of dangerous New Age teachings

  21. Are you, as a Christian, wearied?

  22. Is Americas two-party political system of God, or is it of the beast?

  23. Is it OK to drink alcohol; did Jesus?

  24. What is the difference between Adam and Eve's accountability in the Garden?

  25. What of mutually agreed upon marital separations?  The tragedy and aftermath.

  26. The common misinterpretation of Matt 5:28: "whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart," that causes many men unnecessary guilt.

  27. The highly effective and dangerous role of the Homosexual Rights Movement in the final destruction of the Christian Church et al.


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Question 218-248
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  1. Where is satan, now, this day?

  2. Is smoking and drinking alcohol a sin?

  3. Judaic lies about Jesus (Divinci Codes, etc.)

  4. Loved ones who die unbelievers

  5. "Creation Science" and Ken Ham's AiG Ministry (Answers in Genesis)

  6. Fallen angels, Kenites, salvation, and gender in Heaven

  7. What means: "the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one"?

  8. A reader takes us to task for simply printing the name of false gods (also: strangling a verse with the Strong's Concordance)

  9. A reader asks what should we be looking for, as far as signs, nearing the endtime?

  10. The importance of the Christian Baptism

  11. Adam & Eve, and the serpent, and the Tree of Life, in the Garden of Eden

  12. Adam & Eve, who did what?

  13. Illustration of the danger of extra-Biblical writings; the Targums on Gen 3

  14. An answer to those who challenge the validity of the "Serpent Seed Doctrine" simply on the grounds of 'guilt by association' with the many groups, both good and bad, that realized the Biblical truth of the teaching all down through the ages.

  15. A man has a problem with the concept of 'pre-existence.'

  16. Did Jesus change the Law?  And, what of food laws?

  17. How could God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit be One?

  18. Is celibacy for Priests Biblical?

  19. Is Medical Marijuana wrong by Biblical standards?

  20. What are the consequences of 'embellishing' to prove God and the Bible?

  21. Which Bible version is God's Word, the King James Bible or the New International Version?

  22. One body, One Spirit, One God = The Holy Trinity (Godhead)

  23. Anatomy of a seduction; the Rapture "doctrine's" subtle pulling

  24. Where is the Truth???

  25. One of God's Elect, are you so sure?

  26. Can satan read our minds/listen in to silent prayers?

  27. A man asks about his wife's new dabbling with Witchcraft (Wicca).

  28. Is it adulterous for a divorced woman to remarry?

  29. Premarital sex; and marrying a mate who is not a Christian

  30. Is Homosexuality and Lesbianism in the spiritual realm?

  31. The "other trees" in the Garden of Eden


Question 249-275
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  1. Is President Bush (II) Christian???

  2. Where and why does WBSG differ with Pastor Arnold Murray regarding the Tribulation?

  3. "Forgiveness in Christ Jesus" means what?  And What does it mean to "believe upon Jesus Christ?"

  4. Why the seeming similarity to some so-called "Nazi Skin Head" dogma?

  5. Are "they" monitoring the internet?

  6. Internet Website tracking, (the Nazi and current) Red/Blue round-up (arrest) lists, and the Judaic NWO

  7. What to do of our loved-ones who believe upon Jesus Christ, but yet adhere to some false doctrines (i.e., Rapture, etc.)?

  8. Who do they teach "Hell" as an eternal torture chamber of God?

  9. Are Rapturists real Christians?

  10. The spiritual origin of the "new" doctrine of Pastor Lance Knight

  11. Seals, Trumps, Vials; the Tribulation has not yet begun

  12. What Christ's First Advent changed: Why Ezekiel chapters 40-48 won't happen. (with a closing word to the Judaics)

  13. Is the King James version the true written Word of God, to the exclusion of all other so-called Bible versions?

  14. Why would God give his children, Adam and Eve, a death sentence?

  15. Why Tribulation-prepare for 48 months?

  16. GPS, RFID, and Cell Phone tracking during the Tribulation (and now)

  17. Solid documentation of Rupert Murdoch's (the purveyor of Pornography) control over the New International Version Bible (the NIV)

  18. Eve; semantics: did she eat from the wrong fruit tree, or partake of the forbidden thing?

  19. Can we share Copyrighted WBSG work with others (in it's original unadulterated form)?  Also, Cornell University Law School on the "Fair Use' provisions of the Copyright Law―a guideline

  20. More Bible students injured and confused at Pastor Lance Knight's hand

  21. Hell verses the Lake of Fire; what is the difference?  And what of Lazarus and the Rich Man?

  22. Marriage & Divorce in the Bible

  23. A Bio of Watchmen Bible Study Group and the author of the works contained therein

  24. Her Christian church sings song in foreign language that praises Allah―what to do?

  25. Demeanor in teaching (regarding rapture critique)

  26. Just what exactly was the "forbidden fruit" of the Garden of Eden?

  27. Excerpt of Lance Knight's dangerous "new" (false) doctrine (learn to identify the heresies, so you won't get drawn in)



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Question 276-286
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  1. Why did God change (shorten) the Tribulation from Daniel's OT prophecies to John's NT prophecies?

  2. When did it first rain upon the Earth?  And where 'on the ground' was the Garden of Eden?

  3. Tribulation times, where is satan today, when is he cast down to Earth?

  4. The Overnight fall of Pastor Lance Knight and his Flock (with audio excerpts of Lance's heretical 'teachings')

  5. Can we pray asking for a good Christian spouse?

  6. The Russian, Lenin's, Jewish Ancestry: Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), was of Jewish blood

  7. The Feminist's (both male and female) drive to destroy Apostle Paul and the Scriptures. (Also, a word on the 'lost to history' rape of the prostrated post-WWII German civilians en mass.)

  8. Tithing and offering to Christian ministries; should we?

  9. What does God require of us in the New Testament times?  (Also, Home Communion components and Anointing Oil type)

  10. Can false apostles and false disciples have real power today?  Can they make people actually feel supernatural influences and experiences?  How to discern.  One Christian's experience shared.  An eye-opener!

  11. Scriptural documentation, for parent of teenage daughter, that God requires her virginity until marriage


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Question 287-303
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  1. The Lord's Supper

  2. The 'teaching' that the Negro is the "Beast of the Field" of Genesis

  3. Divorce when Civil Laws won't allow it

  4. Most conspiracy sites are 30 percent accurate

  5. Who writes the Bible studies at WBSG?

  6. Perdition: The two beasts of Revelation 13 in relation to Revelation 20:10. And what of the "false prophet"?

  7. Are Christians forbade to hate, and what of Eccl 3:8 "...a time to hate...."?  Also, the cause of the dilution of Christian resistance in these endtimes.

  8. Are the Judaics really trying to take over the world?  It is so-called AntiSemitic to even dare utter it?

  9. Witnessing to a Muslim: Islam, in a Christian's view; the Trinity, in light of God is One; and why Jesus Christ was offered, since God could have forgiven sin without it

  10. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, a word from an eyewitness to something the Judaic-controlled media has suppressed

  11. Birth Control, Abortion: Are certain Birth-Control Methods (certain kinds of "The Pill," IUD's, etc.) actually "mini" Abortions?

  12. Another Husband's Pornography Destroying yet Another Wife and Family

  13. The Catholic's Marian Worship (with a picture of the Idolatry)

  14. Is "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit" Biblical?  Also: "Laying on of Hands"

  15. Testimonial: God often blesses and answers prayers through strangers; have you ever been used that way?

  16. Are Christians with salt and conviction, not displaying "fruit of the Holy Spirit" when they get upset at satan's little world here?

  17. Are "Jew for Jesus," and other such Jewish "Messianic" organizations nothing more than new wine in old bottles, a new patch on an old garment?


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Question 304-312
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  1. A Woman Asks About Virginity, "Tokens of Virginity", and Female Masturbation

  2. Over 90% of World Jewry (Ashkenazi Jews) are descended from Noah's son Japheth, not from Noah's son Shem (the origin of Semitic peoples)

  3. Why are churches tax exempt (501c)?

  4. Tribulation Preparation

  5. A Man Has Difficulty With His Otherwise Good Pastor Who Teaches Rapture; also, a Note to Rapture Pastors

  6. Will the Antichrist Be a Catholic Pope?  Who Shall The Antichrist Be?

  7. The Lord's (half) brothers, and the Fate of the apostles

  8. Divorce.  How to Find Your Calling.  Man Comes Out of a Talking in Tongues/Slain in the spirit Church. Female Pastors?

  9. Can a Divorced man become a pastor?  And: Can a Christian Become a Doctor; What of giving or receiving transfusions or organs?


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Question 313-324
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  1. Covering the topics of: Mormons; Fallen Angels; Danger To Endtime Women; Demonic Possession; Evil Spirits

  2. So, how are Christians to survive this Tribulation? 

  3. Kenites; are the Jews the Kenites?

  4. A Woman Asks: Is WBSG Racist?

  5. A Woman Asks: Is WBSG Misogynist (women hating)?

  6. Documenting That SOME Christians Shall Indeed Die In The Great Tribulation

  7. Where Are The Dead Now?

  8. "New Age" Doctrinal Heresy

  9. "Eight Things" About mainstream Christian Doctrine

  10. Follow-up Questions on the, "The State Of The Dead", Bible Study

  11. Does God have a sense of humor, other emotions as we?

  12. To Those Who feel that They Are Unsaved Or Back-Slidden


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Question 325-340
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  1. Another Follow-up Question on the "The State Of The Dead" Study (i.e., The two Births)

  2. How do you know when you've found the mate meant by God for you?

  3. Is there a second chance for the unsaved in the Millennium (the 1000 years of Rev 20)?

  4. Is It "Hate" To Tell Women What The Bible Expects Of Them?

  5. Asking Questions

  6. The Older Version of the Strong's Concordance on: Kenite = Sons of Cain

  7. Even the saved are judged on Judgment Day

  8. The Beginning of the Oppression of Christians in Canada―Leading to America's Coming Purges

  9. Why Is God Angry At US?

  10. Will our Police Officers and Military Troops Be Set Upon Us At The Onset Of The Tribulation?

  11. White Christians and Black Slavery

  12. More on Race

  13. Should Christians Be Guided by the Horoscopes?

  14. WHEN during the Tribulation will the mark of the beast be offered/demanded?

  15. Race-baiting and the 108 Countries the Judaics were expelled-from since 250 a.d.

  16. An Englander Speaks of the Coming [International-Judaic Instigated and orchestrated] Racial Unrest in Europe

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Question 341-349
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  1. The International Judaics: Protocols, Abu Graib, and Usury

  2. The Global Witch-Hunt for "Holocaust Deniers" and the Great Tribulation

  3. The Talmudic (Jewish Mysticism) Significance Of The Number 6,000,000 (Also: the Roman 4 Bil. and WWI 6 MIl. Holocaust tales)

  4. What is Historical Revisionism, and an update on Historical Revisionist David Irving's show trial

  5. The "Ports deal" and unchecked (and encouraged) Illegal Immigration: just two signs of the purposely setting of the stage for America's demise

  6. A Catholic asks about his clergy's title regarding Matt 23:9 "And call no man your father...."

  7. The Int. Judaics Tribulation machine gearing-up: The Blatant and bold Judaic suppression of free speech on Christian Website in Australia (including facsimiles of the thought-crime complaints).  Coming to America very soon!

  8. Tattoos and Piercings: regarding "our body being the temple of God"

  9. Why do so few warn of the Tribulation and it's drivers?


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Question 350-358
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  1. The two parts of the Tribulation seen in Rev 12; and when is satan & his evil angels cast out into the Earth from their place of incarceration in Heaven?

  2. Does the Bible require us to go to church?  What of us with children?

  3. A Deceived (Lance Knight's student?) Student Writes

  4. Are the so-called "Bible Codes" legitimate???

  5. Can Christians Kill antichrist's forces during the Tribulation to avoid being arrested for forced-conversion?

  6. A reader asks: "Were there any Black people in the Bible, and were they cursed?"

  7. A reader asks if Moses (and Jesus) was a Black man

  8. How to figure the exact day which Christians are to observe Passover (Easter otherwise called in the churches)

  9. A defense of the King James Bible's use of the word "Easter" in Acts 12:4, and thereby; a defense of the King James version Bible itself

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Question 359-370
 | To Top |

  1. How to witness to unsaved loved-ones

  2. The illusive "six million" Holocaust dead and the Tribulation

  3. The Swastika, the Five-Pointed Star, and the Six-Pointed Star; a prelude to the beast's mark?

  4. Taunting Satan

  5. The history of the King James version Bible in relation to other earlier attempts at an English translation

  6. What exactly is an "International Judaic"; who wrote the Protocols of...Zion; are "average everyday Jews" on-board with the Int. Judaic's generation-spanning global conspiracy to prepare this world for antichrist?

  7. Respecting church elders; the 8 kings of Rev 17; and faith that the Scriptures are pure

  8. Speaking the Truth = Hatred?  What Would You Do?

  9. Power and Authority from God in man

  10. The Sabbath Day: Saturday or Sunday or doesn't matter?

  11. "But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel...." (Jer 31:33)

  12. Was Rahab (Joshua 2:1, etc.) really a prostitute?


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Question 371-385
 | To Top |

  1. Food control and Executive Order # 10998 in the Tribulation

  2. The male gender of the Two Witnesses (of Rev 11) in the Scriptures

  3. Reading these Bible studies off-line; and also: "Women's Liberation" movement is against God

  4. Is loyalty to pastor more important than loyalty God?

  5. The Katabole, Noah's Flood, and the Ice Age―dating

  6. When?  How long O Lord?

  7. A Feminist-minded Christian woman responds to God's gender roles (answer contains much more subject matter, including Kenites)

  8. Judaic apologist and liar defends the Jewish Kosher slaughter method, and calls the PETA undercover video "AntiSemitic" (Naturally!)

  9. Adultery is SOLELY and SPECIFICALLY predicated on the marital status of the female participant

  10. Is reproductive sterilization allowed in the Bible?

  11. Christian TV ministry changes: "...which say they are JEWS, and are not, but do lie...." (Rev 3:9), to, "...which say they are APOSTLES, and are not, but do lie...."

  12. Two Christian women respond honestly on "letting their men lead"; and, the great importance of a woman choosing the RIGHT man; also, exemptions of the "man leads" rule.

  13. Evil spirits in some churches; the danger to women by evil spirits; The Rapture theory and the "bodies," "carcasses," and "eagles," of Mt 24 & Lk 17.

  14. Are the International Judaics attempting to spark a pogrom on "average everyday Jews"?

  15. If the modern "Jews" are not descended from the ancient "Jews," how can they also have been responsible for Jesus' death?

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Question 386-399
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  1. Is it better to see, or not to see?

  2. A "reader" demands to know who the Kenites are

  3. How Feminist-thought can subtly leaven seeds of doubt into the trust of the Scriptures

  4. Is so-called "Micro-Evolution" true?; Evolution hoaxes; International Judaic's methods; the Tribulation; how they changed the endtime churches and Christianity; endtime Judeo-"Christianity" a danger to true Tribulation-era Christians; etc.

  5. Why didn't Jesus Christ know of the time (of the Second Advent) spoken of in Mark 13:32?

  6. For telling the truth about the International Judaics (NOT all so-called "Jews") editor of WBSG receives a death threat

  7. Jehovah's Witnesses

  8. The beast starts cutting its teethThe U.S. "Office Of Global Anti-Semitism" comes on-line quietly

  9. The Gnostics and the Da Vinci Code hoax; Survivalism/Preparation; the Tribulation; the state of our upcoming book; etc.

  10. Article "REVELATION OF THE METHOD AND THE MURDER OF SPIRIT", showing the inner workings of the Int. Judaics today

  11. Scriptures that declare that Jesus was God in the flesh―not a second God

  12. Link to a (downloadable) able exposé on the Jewish Talmud, including the rabbi's 1936 English  language translation (it blows all the "Talmud apologist's" arguments right out of the water!)

  13. What changes family-wise when a woman marries;  Command Structure of the NWO; Miscegenation; is Ezekiel 44 in the Millennium?

  14. Ancient Sodom, the Modern Homosexual/Lesbian Movement, and Contemporary Jewish Talmudic Traditions on Homosexuality

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Question 400-407
 | To Top |

  1. Is the truth AntiSemitism? Ignorance answered with documentation; Also, shocking info on the origin of the Da Vinci Code movie and book―a must-hear radio interview!

  2. Does it matter how a Christian male wears his hair?

  3. The Mark of the beast—will they know it when they take it?

  4. More on Ezekiel 44 NOT being the Millennium; More on the so-called "second chance doctrine"

  5. Propaganda movie designed to discredit the Protocols of...Zion and all who believe in their Judaic authorship and execution

  6. The Videos and further analysis of these three videos regarding Martial Law and Concentration Camps In America

  7. Tacmars (Tactical markers); Internet control; Search engine shenanigans

  8. The inadvertent result of the Millennium so-called "second chance" doctrine

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Question 408-417
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  1. Where do aborted babies, deceased children, etc., go in the end?

  2. "New Things" and "New Groups"

  3. The Mel Gibson Set-up and his capitulation for "the fear of the Jews" (Est 8:17, Jn 7:13, 19:38, 20:19)

  4. A Christian Arab woman's uncomplimentary assessment of Christian men and women under the sway of the amoral International Judaics

  5. The "woman wearing a veil in church" doctrine of (some of) the COG (Church of God) denominations; also, Homosexuality/Lesbianism; and gender roles

  6. Food Laws, are we to keep them today?  What foods are "clean" and "unclean."

  7. Tim LaHaye and his "Left Behind" Rapture $erie$

  8. Tribulation preparation?

  9. On keeping the Old Testament festivals

  10. Why is International Jewry now intentionally sabotaging itself?


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Question 418-430
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  1. Millennium/no second chance; and the great importance of identifying chronology to understand Scriptural flow

  2. Surgical birth control

  3. A reader objects to statement that "smoking dope" and masturbating is not a sin in the Bible

  4. A Catholic writes critical

  5. Ann Coulter and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  6. Christians and guns for personal defense

  7. Finding trustworthy teachers/preachers; also, what does "being saved" mean specifically?

  8. The Book of Enoch; is it sound Scripture?

  9. Not all Caucasians are Israelites

  10. Internet black-out and the Great Tribulation; also, Tribulation Martyrs

  11. A (nice) Judaic questions the validity of the "Kosher Slaughter" PETA video

  12. Faith, Bible teachers, ministries, learning whereby to teach, etc.

  13. What about Adolph Hitler?


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Question 431-441
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  1. Watchmen watching

  2. One of the antichrists takes his best shot at their age old practice of defaming Apostle Paul's legitimacy

  3. More verse-skewing on masturbation

  4. Possessed husband―what to do?

  5. "Neo-Nazi," "Anti-Semitism," "Racism," and other misapplied pejoratives as control and suppression tools

  6. Head knowledge/Heart knowledge; and, different ministry specializations

  7. Who and where is the TRUE tribe of Judah today?  And, are those in the "Gifts" and "Manifestations" type "spiritual" ministries and denominations in trouble with God?

  8. Rick Warren, and Barack Obama, and Joseph Farah, oh my!

  9. Today's real Racists

  10. The Tribulation (how long?) and preparation (why for?)

  11. Attacks on the Deity of Jesus Christ

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Question 442-453
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  1. "Baptism of the Holy Ghost"??? What are they talking about? Is it Biblical? (also, comments on PM & SCN)
  2. On subscribing to mailing lists

  3. Laws, Statutes, and Ordinances: what are they, and what changed with Jesus Christ's Advent?

  4. Catholic Radio buckles to Int. Judaic pressure?

  5. Eve's twins by impregnation of the serpent (satan) and then Adam is found later, in corrupted form, in the Greek Mythologies

  6. What is Hell?  Is it the end?

  7. New endtime Christians being tossed to and fro by so-called preachers and teachers of God

  8. A tongues-talker defends the practice

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Question 450-456
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  1. What does the Bible say (and not say) on Marijuana use?

  2. The non-Politically-Correct truth about race in Welfare abuse

  3. To which false "Christians" shall Jesus say: "I never knew you: depart from me" (Mt 7:23)?

  4. Traditional Women's Christian Bible study groups.  Marriage: the Biblical formulae.  Also, on using WBSG materials

  5. A word to the rabbi's and Jew's rejection of Jesus Christ

  6. The "caught up" (harpazo) of the Rapture theory

  7. Flaws in the official 911 explanation, and why (includes videos)

  8. Salvation is not by race; also, generational purging

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Question 458-467
 | To Top |

  1. Pax Judaica and the Mark of the Beast?

  2. Silence the truth to get along with the world?

  3. Older studies

  4. The danger sometimes present in "researching" other religions

  5. About women teaching

  6. More on the brutality of the Jew's Kosher slaughter; and, Jewish Professor admits in book that the so-called "Blood Libel" is based in fact

  7. An Adultery: Should we tell our mate?

  8. Cain's father; Did the Serpent in the Garden of Eden (satan) have sex with Eve?

  9. A question about Biblical Archaeologist and author of many books, E. Raymond Capt. Also; Identity teaching, and newer students beware....

  10. Was 911 an "inside job" (False Flag Operation)?

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Question 468-477
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  1. Truth and compromise

  2. Mind-Control slaves and other such remarkable claims

  3. Why don't otherwise good ministries speak as openly about the International Judaics?

  4. Do we dare speak to satan?

  5. Is Freemasonry safe to join?

  6. Problems viewing Webpages

  7. Noah's Flood and Kenites

  8. The 134 places in the O.T. where the Sopherim altered "Jehovah" to "Adonai", and how the King James Bible in effect put it back

  9. If the International Judaics control so much, then why don't average everyday "Jews" know of it?

  10. AIPAC's (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) control of major Christian groups and Presidential hopefuls

  11. Pray for the peace of Israel???


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Question 479-488
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  1. King James Bible the correct version with I Cor 15:47 (and ALL others)

  2. The Millennium and the change of bodies

  3. Pastor Murray and the Shepherds Chapel. Also, the mark of the beast and the global apparatus to enforce it

  4. Jewish defector and convert to Christianity, Benjamin Freedman, on Jesus NOT being a "Jew"

  5. More on the "King James Only" Bible position

  6. Is there unrighteousness with God?

  7. Christians and self defense, should we sit back and expect God to do it all?

  8. More on Ezekiel's Kingdom not being the Millennium of Revelation 20

  9. "Old-Earth" verses "Young-Earth" controversy enables Evolutionists. And, "man-made Global Warming" is a junk "science" hoax

  10. Black Reverend defends Whites, warns of Black hatred of Whites (Sean Hannity video). Also, Oprah Winfrey's Racist comments, and Oprah publicly denounces Christianity.

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Question 489-497
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  1. WHO does satan deceive at the end of the Millennium?
  2. Satan/antichrist comes in the Fifth Trump.  Also, more on the Rapture false-teaching.
  3. The meaning of life; the infallibility of God's written Word, the Bible; and the enemy of God tares
  4. Should Christians use Medical Marijuana even though it is unlawful?

  5. What about the beginning of the Tribulation?

  6. How to pick a church

  7. Implantable Tracking Chips, the "end," our failed society, and how we got there

  8. Is Pres. G. W. Bush really a Christian?  Is it remotely possible that 911 wasn't an inside job (Thermate cutter-charges)?

  9. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and American politics

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Question 497-512
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  1. On July 12, 2007, for the first time in 220 years, the United States Congress was opened with a prayer by a Hindu clergyman to his pantheon of false gods.

  2. Marriage, divorce, and "living in sin" in God's eyes.

  3. Antichrist's (satan's) hierarchy.

  4. Men as trees.

  5. Boundaries? Husband and wife intimacy: "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled" [Caution, mature subject matter].

  6. Has God accepted me, has He forgiven me, is He angry with me?

  7. The 'third Heaven' and apostle Paul of 2nd Cor 12:1-4.

  8. Possessions in the new "Third Wave" churches.

  9. False Jewish Talmud teachings about the origins of God's Black peoples.

  10. Finding a new church; imperfections in ministry; Baptism; forgiveness, and honoring your parents.

  11. Abortion info from a comforting woman who regrettably had one (and a link to an excellent Website on the matter).

  12. Evidence of the difference between the gods of other religions (Islam, Judaism, etc.) and the One true God observed by Christianity; Also, on apostle Paul's legitimacy.

  13. What exactly are the "new tongues" spoken of in the New Testament.

  14. Women in charge, church leaders and clergy; Controlled-media's purposeful plan of societal destabilization; Black crypto-Racism.

  15. The Shepherds Chapel; and is God mad at America?

  16. No torture in the Tribulation; Also, the new religion (neo-Christianity), the so-called "Third Wave" preachers demonstrating false teachings and even Satanism.

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Question 513-543
 | To Top |

  1. On Racism.

  2. The Gay indoctrination of our children in school.

  3. On the hard truths: "I have no one with whom to study.  What good is this knowledge if I must keep it to myself."

  4. The Scottish Declaration of Independence (a.d. 1320) shows that the Anglo-Saxons knew they were true Israel.

  5. Are Angels without gender, as we know gender today?

  6. Storing Tribulation provisions?

  7. Abortion; sin, and forgiveness; Kenites; imperfection; etc.

  8. Doubting the official 911 story, is that crazy?; and Ezekiel 38-39

  9. A Black (Christian) reader's perspective on Race and crime

  10. Backdoor to censorship: Internet filters and E-mail SPAM filters used to control and suppress content

  11. The antichristian lies on the Internet about pastor Arnold Murray

  12. The "wedding garment."  Israel, Gentiles, and the perfect plan of God.

  13. Secret Societies and the Second Overthrow.

  14. The Sabbath, the Rest; our Rest is in Christ Jesus

  15. Whom are the Tribulation Preparations against?

  16. Is the Messianic Jewish Movement dangerous to Christians?

  17. "Contradictions" in the parallel Gospel accounts or similar events?

  18. Are the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11 men or nations, etc?

  19. An antichrist writes in with a complete fabrication of history

  20. The Kenites, the Wheat and the Tares; what are we to do, and not to do?

  21. Children don't bear the sins of their fathers

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Question 534 - 557
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  1. Horoscopes and stronger forms of entry-level into the occult

  2. More on Eve and "to eat"

  3. The correct order and chronology of the seven Seals, seven Trumps, and seven Vials of the book of Revelation

  4. The Jewish executions of non-Jews during the Tribulation—from their own writings, confirmed by God's Bible

  5. Endtime Christian betrayers, today

  6. The Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

  7. What happened at the Tower of Babble and why

  8. Still more objections to Ezekiel 40-48 NOT being the Millennium of Revelation

  9. True Israel verses the false Jewish State today in Palestine: a Scriptural comparison by Col. Jack Mohr.

  10. "And he [God] changeth the times and the seasons" — Dan 2:21.

  11. Clear concise documentation of the Three Earth/Heaven Ages in Scripture

  12. Did (and will also in the endtime) spiritual entities (fallen angels) have sexual relations with human women?

  13. Is tithing "unscriptural" under the New Covenant?  And is the Bible just "words written by men"?

  14. Jewish blasphemy and the Judaic attack upon God and Christ

  15. Freemasonry; Morals and Dogma

  16. Internet content-blockers and filters (censors) blocking out WBSG Website

  17. A Catholic on Mother Mary

  18. The endtime churches; also: what is a '501c3 church'?

  19. More "Jewish Fables" (Titus 1:14) regarding Jesus' apostle Paul

  20. How did satan accomplish having sexual relations with Eve in the Garden of Eden?

  21. The Balkanization of America

  22. Eugenics, Euthanasia, and our children's generation.  Featuring the Yale University "Abortion Artist"

  23. Regarding the changes on the title page

  24. The Strong Delusion and Great Tribulation of the endtimes

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Question 558 - 577
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  1. "Google" is becoming Orwellian

  2. What did Christ mean when He said, "Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?", in John 10:34)?

  3. Chronology, the book of Revelation, and resurrection

  4. A Gay reader tries to justify Homosexuality with Homosexual "love"

  5. The trail of the serpent.

  6. 'Dominionism' precariously leading towards Noahide Law.

  7. Immoral occupations

  8. Dispensationalism corrupted; and, the "end"

  9. And know this: that no true prophet can contradict God's written Word.

  10. Are Christians to support the State of Israel?

  11. What is the purpose of the Millennium?

  12. How to pick a Bible version. Also: Newer versions of the 1526 Tyndale Bible corrupted by publishers; Also, the 1611 King James version Bible is the true Word of God in the English language.

  13. Another Catholic defends the Catholic's spiritually unhealthy (and UNbiblical) "over-adoration" (worship in everything but name) of Mother Mary

  14. What were once maligned as so-called "Conspiracy Theories" cannot be hid any longer, and are slowing being confirmed even in the controlled media

  15. Tithing concerns: is Malachi chapter three written to the priests or the congregation?

  16. The state of today's endtime church: Impostors uplifted, enemies protected, the faithful destroyed, and lies taken for truth, truth for lies.

  17. What are angels?

  18. "Watching you watching me"

  19. Martial Law preparations: training our soldiers, our sons, to enslave us

  20. Pastor Hagee virtually worships modern-day so-called "Jews" even though he can't show that they are true Israelites of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob


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Question 578 - 595
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  1. The trail of the serpent.

  2. 'Dominionism' precariously leading towards Noahide Law.

  3. Immoral occupations

  4. Dispensationalism corrupted; and, the "end"

  5. And know this: that no true prophet can contradict God's written Word.

  6. Are Christians to support the State of Israel?

  7. What is the purpose of the Millennium?

  8. How to pick a Bible version. Also: Newer versions of the 1526 Tyndale Bible corrupted by publishers; Also, the 1611 King James version Bible is the true Word of God in the English language.

  9. Another Catholic defends the Catholic's spiritually unhealthy (and UNbiblical) "over-adoration" (worship in everything but name) of Mother Mary

  10. Forgiveness: what is required of the Christian by the Scriptures?

  11. Long-term financial commitment solicitations in the churches

  12. Forged Presidential "Holocaust Quotes"

  13. WHICH generation is the, "this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done", of Mark 13:30?  And, why is the book of Revelation written in the past-tense?

  14. Airborne vehicles in the book of Ezekiel

  15. The state of the dead, and the resurrectionS

  16. Near of kin wives and children in Scripture

  17. The Giants after Noah's Flood

  18. Recovering from a false teacher or false doctrine


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Question  596-624
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  1. Who will be 'active' in the Millennium (the 1000 years of Revelation 20)

  2. Eve, "the mother of all living"? And: separate and distinct (different) races at a very early date.

  3. Fleeing to the wilderness

  4. How to quick-check if your Bible version has the correct manuscript type

  5. Racism and Barack Obama

  6. Provisions for the Tribulation

  7. Judaic author and Israeli University historian admits that today's "Jews" are NOT the descendents of Biblical Israel

  8. Past sins, and tattoos

  9. The International Judaics, the Kenites, and the "Jews"

  10. Looking for a denomination to become a minister in; the problem

  11. Judaic Monsanto family aims to control world's food supply

  12. Can children commit sin? What is the age of accountability?

  13. Is masturbation a sin?

  14. The 2008 financial crises and prophecy

  15. The use of copyrighted work, using WBSG materials

  16. The Tribulation; who are the enemies during the various stages of the Trib?

  17. Women: prophesying, preaching? And what is the difference between prophesying and preaching?

  18. How Jesus Christ can at once be God in the flesh—and then yet pray to God in Heaven?

  19. An inconsistency in an old study found and corrected - Ezekiel

  20. Can WBSG's warnings and alerts be misconstrued as "prophecy?"

  21. "Young Earth" (6,000 years) proponents unwittingly damaging Christianity's credibility

  22. A primer on the "Jews" and today's nation "Israel"

  23. Is abortion a lost battle? Have they won against life?

  24. False "healing ministries" and false "prosperity ministries"; how to determine

  25. Antichrist/satan's ability to counterfeit miracles during the Tribulation

  26. Judaism unwittingly confirms Jesus Christ

  27. So-called discoveries of "evidence" against Jesus Christ; and "not giving heed to Jewish fables" (Titus 1:14)

  28. Protection from consequence; and forgiveness

  29. How could Cain be sent to a populated region so early in the Biblical narrative?  Where did those people of Nod come from?


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Question  625-643
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  1. How to know you are saved, what to do when you feel confused/lost. Also, the seventh day versus the sixth day Sabbath Day debate, and other idle disputes.

  2. The endgame: electronic currency

  3. Forgiveness of others who seek it only

  4. Research "tricks"; and, what can aware true Christians do now? Also, satanic debauchery from the pages on the Jewish Talmud

  5. Your endtime role; also, recommended reading list

  6. "Feminine gender" in Bible grammar. There are no "female" spiritual beings. A reader errs in thinking that "the Holy Spirit is a female, the wife of the Father, and the Mother of the Son."

  7. Judaic front-people/front-groups established to destroy "Gentile" society from within

  8. Martial Law approaching, and the International Judaics and their "Goyim" useful-idiots Obama and Bush

  9. "Christian Identity," "British Israelism;" are they racist teachings? The differences between the two, and which teaching does WBSG subscribe to?

  10. The "Groves" ('Asherah) in the Bible, the abominable practice of phallic worship

  11. The reason WHY without Jesus Christ salvation is not possible

  12. The damage to the "Man-Made Global Warming" hoax, and what does it mean?

  13. Thinking that today's false "Jews" are "God's Chosen People" of the Bible and that they can be saved without(!) Jesus Christ

  14. What to do when a Christian is feeling lost, in trouble, doubtful, damned; and/or confused and betrayed by false preachers and false doctrines

  15. Christians running for endtime political office

  16. The danger to the Christian from the leaven from the so-called "Messianic Jews"

  17. A reader struggles with the Trinity (i.e., the Godhead); and, what name to Baptize in?

  18. The persecution of the endtime Christian faith and the faithful

  19. A frank and NON-Politically Correct comment about America's condition and fate


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New Section!

News & Current Events with Christian


Article 1-9
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  1. Who Is true Israel? Scriptural reasons why today's so-called "Jews" cannot be

  2. AIPAC, The Israeli Lobby, and U.S. Foreign Policy (w/video)

  3. The current state of draconian Germany-style "Hate-Crime" (Hate-Speech) Laws pending in the U.S. Congress

  4. The Consequences of an Early Withdrawal from Iraq

  5. Antichristian bias in the Judaic-controlled media designed to turn society against Christians

  6. One-quarter to one-third of all Holocaust survivors living in Israel today are living below the poverty level!

  7. Highly recommended book!

  8. Judaic-forced "Hate Crime laws" sweeping the globe (also, Judaic Talmud-sanctioned Pedophilia)

  9. Homosexual activists skew Scripture in a billboard campaign to feign Biblical support for Homosexuality/Lesbianism, etc.


Article - 10-11
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  1. Article: Do You Get It Yet? (For ADL of Bnai- Brith, another mission: Group will combat anti-immigrant bias)


  3. (Three Articles) (1.) Homosexual 'Civil Rights' Movement and Their Pedophile Equivalent; (2.) Homosexuals are 16 times more likely to be Pedophiles; (3.) Pedophilia being mainstreamed by the larger Gay Community - Homosexual Community predominantly 'youth orientated' - Gay press promotes sex with children



New Section!

WBSG Appendices
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  1. Judaics at the helm of ostensibly non-Jewish organizations - lists & names




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