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Possible Locations Of The Garden Of Eden

Find the Peoples or Place in the list below. Go across to the Letter, and down to the number. 

Adhaimr River {I-24}
ararat (Mount)
Araxes River
Cyrus River
Diyala River  {J-27}
dur-kurigalzu {I-29}
E-5 ?, or, N-40 ?, or possibly at Parim (on second below map)} 
Elam  {
Euphrates River
guti {K-26}
kassites {L-31}
nippur {J-32}
sumer {K-37}
Tigris River

The three possible locations for the garden of Eden

There are at least three possible locations for the lost Garden of Eden.  On the above map we see two of the three, the Urartian Location and the Sumerian Location.  On the below map we show all three locations, the two from above and a third located on the Pamir Plateau in central Asia at roughly 73 x 38 on the Globe.  

           Location #1      Location #2                                              Location #3 
                              |       |                                                                 |    
     Charles A. Wiesman, in The Origin Of Race And Civilization, suggests that the Eden of the Bible was located on the Pamir Plateau in central Asia.  

     Below is an excerpt from page 135 of the book regarding Eden and Noah's Flood:

"The location of the Garden of Eden was the Pamir Plateau which has four rivers flowing out of it as described in Genesis 2:10-14.  Pamir, the site of Eden, lies east of Mesopotamia and Persia where ancient tradition (as well as Genesis 2:8) places it's location.  East of Eden lies the Tarim Basim, the original homeland of the Adamic race and location of the Great Flood of Genesis Chpt. 7."

      We find this extremely interesting as the Tarim Basin forms a natural "bowl" which would have contained the Flood waters had Noah's Flood been regional instead of global as many Scholars believe it to have been; and we agree in that. It is not our intention here to prove our case now regarding the extent of the Great Deluge, but a closer inspection of the Hebrew of the Flood account in the Bible definitely allows for a regional flood under the "visible arch of the sky" in that particular area, that (erets).  perhaps another study for another day.  Look into it.

     And while we acknowledge the possible local of Noah's Flood being in the Tarim Basin, we do not agree with Mr. Wiesman that the location of Eden was on the Pamir Plateau.  The main reason being that Cain was sent Eastward of Eden, and there is very convincing evidence that Cain went to Sumer (Babylonia) and built a city after the name of his son Enoch.  This city is believed to be Erech in Sumer and has been excavated and the dates allow to align.  Erech is west of the Pamir Plateau, not east.  See map location: Erech (Enoch?){P-6}.  

     For whatever an opinion is worth, this authors opinion is that he always felt that the Garden of Eden would have been where modern day Jerusalem is, as that is God's favorite spot on the planet and the location that He made an eternal Covenant with (eternity runs forward and backward in time, it has no beginning and no end).  And Temple Mount, Jerusalem, was the location of God's first and second Temples, and the soon to be Millennial Temple and the New Jerusalem, the Holy City of the New Heaven and New Earth in Rev chapter 22.  Antichrist's false temple shall also stand on the Holy Temple Mount, Jerusalem, prior to the Millennium, at the end of our age).  See The Antichrist & Matthew Chapter 24.

     But there is no evidence to support Eden having been where Jerusalem now is.  It is just a thought.  Perhaps we will never know where the Garden of Eden was, for Adam and Eve didn't write (to our knowledge).  Also, the Deluge of Noah would have wreaked havoc on river courses, so they may not be where they were if the Flood extended to the location of Eden.

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