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Continuation of 'New Materials on the Website'

(Page No. 5)

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News & C.E. News & Current Events with Christian endtime-Commentary (Sep 5, 2007)

[Note: September 8th update follows the below original article]

Epilog on alert


On September 5th, we at WBSG felt that due to several information peaks gathered from a spectrum of sources that an attack on Iran by the united States was, as we stated:


"And this window may well close without event.  However, in the next 7-10 days a U.S. air campaign against Iran is at an Imminent stage." -- September 5th, WBSG.



Well, it didn't happen, so we were wrong.  Right?  Maybe not.  observe:


"WMR has learned that a U.S. attack on Iran using nuclear and
conventional weapons was scheduled to coincide with Israel's September 6
air attack on a reputed Syrian nuclear facility in Dayr az-Zwar, near
the village of Tal Abyad, in northern Syria, near the Turkish border.
Israel's attack, code named OPERATION ORCHARD, was to provide a reason
for the U.S. to strike Iran. The neo-conservative propaganda onslaught
was to cite the cooperation of the George Bush's three remaining "Axis
of Evil" states -- Syria, Iran, and North Korea -- to justify a
sustained Israeli attack on Syria and a massive U.S. military attack on





[Note: September 13th, 2007 update follows original article and the Sep 8th update below]

[NOTE: Stand-down on this matter to normal (elevated) concern levels — final note added September 18.]

A temporary and serious window is wide open on Iran strikes
Sep 5th, 2007.

    And this window may well close without event.  However, in the next 7-10 days a U.S. air campaign against Iran is at an Imminent stage.

    Starting yesterday, a media blitz was ordered to vilify Iran and ratchet up citizen safety concerns over "Terrorism."    Also of particular concern is the missing nukes today:

    Nuclear warheads mistakenly flown on B-52, landing at Barksdale AFB

   It isn't that they went "missing" that is of concern, for they were "found."  However, what is concerning is that these Nuclear Cruise Missiles are being moved at this time.  Any strike on Iran's hardened Nuclear Sites would require nuclear weapons to be effective.  And the B-52 plane that they were mounted on is capable of making Iranian airspace from American shores.

    According to "leaked" information, White House planning on any strike of Iran's Nuclear facilities must also be accompanied by a crippling blow to Iran's ability to launch a military offensive.  In other words, Iran's air defenses, military facilities, seaport activity, and missile defenses must also be taken off-line at the same time.  Supposedly, the U.S. has a war plan that is currently tracking 10,000 targets within the Islamic Republic of Iran for the purpose of a crippling first-strike—should such a strike be ordered by President Bush (the Democratically controlled Congress, under Israeli Lobby pressure, has withdraw proposed legislation that would have required Pres. Bush to seek Congressional approval of any strike against Iran).

    This whole "missing nukes" matter might simply be a planned-leak, a ruse to alert Iran that America is serious.  Call it saber-rattling if you will.  We just can't know.  We simply watch the information as we can discern it.

    The point is that should there be any military activity against Iran you must top-off your fuel supplies immediately (within hours).  Price-spikes and unavailability (followed by gas rationing thereafter) will begin setting-in almost immediately, just like during Hurricane Katrina where the fuel refineries in the Gulf Region were threatened and gas prices spiked midday.

    Naturally you should have already had your emergency food supplies taken care of.  Any strike on Iran will be followed by domestic terrorist events in the U.S. and her Western allies (or preceded by a False Flag terrorism event[s]).  Once again, this situation could pass and diffuse.  We aren't fear-mongering here, we are keeping an open eye on geopolitical events and maintaining a state of preparedness.  We ARE NOT making any predictions here, we are simply pointing out to Watchmen that this is a concerning moment in time.

    Developing situation....    Which may diffuse without incident....  However, based upon information available, for the next 7-10 days a U.S. air campaign against Iran appears to be Imminent.

    Updates shall be forthcoming here, and if this window closes so too shall our immediate concerns.  And any new information must necessarily be followed by a reassessment of the situation.  These things tend to flare then diffuse.

~ End ~

[September 8th update]

Update September 8, 2007.

What we know: The facts

B-52 mistakenly flies with nukes aboard
Army Times
By Michael Hoffman - Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Sep 5, 2007 22:03:04 EDT

A B-52 bomber mistakenly loaded with five nuclear warheads flew from Minot Air Force Base, N.D., to Barksdale Air Force Base, La., on Aug. 30, resulting in an Air Force-wide investigation, according to three officers who asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to discuss the incident. ...

   The above is an unimpeachable source, and the above incident has been admitted publicly by U.S. Officials; it happened.  The Government is stating that this was merely an accident, that some airmen simply loaded the wrong cruise missiles onto a B-52 bomber.

    That explanation is a direct lie.  Nuclear Weapons are banned from traveling on wing mounts in America.  When they are transported by air for decommissioning (as these were implied to so be treated) they are carried inside the cargo bay of a specially prepared cargo transport plane, in special containers designed to be crashworthy.

    And "airmen" can't just grab the wrong cruise missile, the Nuclear ones are locked away behind coded doors.  It takes extensive authorization to open these missile safes and there are security codes involved.  This could not have happened as the Government is alleging.  Very high-ups had to have been involved in this transportation of Nuclear Armaments.  Period.  Also, this story got buried on mainstream media by the early release of the Usama bin Laden video statement.  Coincidence?  Anyway, the above are the facts; while below we have:


    However, from the below "conspiracy" Sites we get some added information.  Whether to trust the below two stories is up to the reader.

    A Canadian conspiracy Website is implying that it was a V.P. Dick Cheney rogue faction's attempt to Nuke Iran without authorization:

Was a Covert Attempt to Bomb Iran with
Nuclear Weapons foiled by a Military Leak?

The Canadian
Michael E. Salla, M.A., Ph.D.

Vice President Dick CheneyCritically exploring whether or not there was a covert attempt to instigate a catastrophic nuclear war against Iran is illuminated through an introduction using the recent B-52 Incident. On August 30, a B-52 bomber armed with five nuclear-tipped Advanced Cruise missiles travelled from Minot Air Force base, North Dakota, to Barksdale Air Force base, Louisiana, in the United States. Each missile had an adjustable yield between five and 150 kilotons of TNT which is at the lower end of the destructive capacities of U.S. nuclear weapons. ...

    And below, Hal Turner's "Conspiracy/'pro-White'" Website reports that it has received a leak stating the President Bush's codes were used to unlock the storage safes that the Nukes were stored in:

The Hal Turner Show
Updated 8 September 2007 at 1627 HRS EDT

Shipment of live nuclear warheads from North Dakota to Louisiana was no mistake the live warheads were removed from their secure nuclear storage safes after entry and confirmation of presidential authorization!

Reports that five (later confirmed to be six) nuclear warheads were "accidentally" shipped by B-52 from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana are false. It was no mistake; it was a criminal conspiracy to launch nuclear terrorist attacks against U.S. cities!

Military investigators have confirmed to The Hal Turner Show that President Bush's personal Presidential authorization code authorized the removal of six 5 - 150 kiloton nuclear warheads from their secure nuclear storage safes.

Those Investigators also confirmed that the cruise missiles in which those warheads were placed, were mounted on the wings of the B-52 and not placed in the belly of the plane with other missiles headed for decommissioning. ...

    As to the above allegations we cannot know for sure if there is any truth behind them.  And Hal Turner has in the past been accused of, well, sensationalizing.  So I just want to be honest about the above sources.  But they are interesting to keep in the back of the mind as we watch these endtime events speeding up.

    As to Usama (some spell it Osama) bin Laden's taped message there is a disturbing amount of references to "incinerate," "Holocaust," and "Hiroshima."  from an MSNBC release of the transcript of the speech we have bin Laden saying:

...words of neoconservatives like Cheney, Rumsfeld and Richard Pearle, and the latter having said previously that the Americans have no choice In front of them other than to continue the war or face a holocaust. . . . [Page 2]

...I say, refuting this unjust statement, that the morality and culture of the holocaust is your culture, not our culture. In fact, burning living beings Is forbidden in our religion, even if they be small like the ant, so what of man?!  The holocaust of the Jews was carried out by your  brethren In the middle of Europe. . .The genocide of people and their holocausts took place at your hands: only a few specimens of Red Indians were spared!, and just a few days ago [Aug 6th - WBSG], the Japanese observed the 62nd anniversary of the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by your nuclear weapons. . . . [Page 3]

    There are more references than the above, but these shall suffice.  This brings us to the American Hiroshima.  This is a plan purported to be a major attack plan "of the Terrorists" years in the making:

Financial Sense
by J. R. Nyquist

'American Hiroshima' linked with Iran attack
Pakistani journalist who met bin Laden
confirms al-Qaida nukes, says they may
already be in U.S.

April 28, 2006

Paul Williams details 'American Hiroshima'
Al-Qaida plotting nuclear attack with
weapons already in U.S.

September 3, 2005

...RM [Ryan Mauro]: Given the heat and radiation given off by the nuke, couldn't it be detected?

PW [Paul Williams]: Richard L. Wagner, senior staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and one of the founders of the Department of Energy's Nuclear Emergency Search Team, recently told Congress that major breakthroughs in the ability of the U.S. government to locate rogue nukes may be five years away. Wagner, a Ph.D. whose specialty is radiation detection, testified that better technology and more radiation detention devices are needed to stop the nuclear terrorist threat. "Currently installed radiation detection systems, or systems which could be procured in quantity in the next year or two, are quite limited in their capabilities and, in general, are insufficient for the task," he testified. "Substantial research and development is needed to improve detection capabilities."

A nuclear gun bomb that could be fired from a 155 millimeter recoilless rifle could be packed in the small container, stuffed into the truck of a car or van and transported into any major metropolitan city within the U.S. without detection.

That's the fact of the matter. Other weapons could be transported by private plane to any major airport. Less than 25 percent of the freight on private planes is inspected let alone subjected to radiation detection. To complicate matters, the ports of entry (such as the airports) are now controlled by the Albanian Mafia. The Albanians have taken over the operations of the Italian-American crime families and have become, according to the FBI, the leading criminal organization in the U.S. The Albanians, as you know, are Muslims with ties to radical Islam and, through the KLO, al-Qaida.

RM: I have trouble believing that teams required to maintain a nuclear weapon wouldn't be detected here in the U.S.

PW: There isn't just one team but, at least, seven. They are working within mosques and Islamic centers. In the U.S., a federal judge will not provide any FBI or law enforcement agent with a warrant to search a mosque of an Islam center for any reason since such places are listed as "houses of worship."

RM: Seven teams?

PW: At least seven teams, according to information obtained from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other al-Qaida operatives, in at least seven metropolitan areas. These areas have been identified as New York, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. The attack will occur simultaneously at the seven sites.

RM: How do you know you can trust what Khalid Sheikh Mohammad said? In the past, he's given us bogus information, some of which led to orange alerts. Some say he and other al-Qaida operatives are waging a disinformation campaign meant to dull our senses.

PW: No, you can't trust Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, but you can trust the information that was obtained from his laptop when he was arrested on March 1, 2003. ...

    Another list of the cities that I saw in another article was: New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington D.C.

    Now, whether the American Hiroshima project is conducted by bin Laden or rogue elements in America's (and Israel's) Intelligence apparatus, or by both with U.S. Intelligence turning a blind eye to an Islamic Terrorist attack, are of no matter to those living in the seven targeted America cities.

    A lot is happening and it is happening very fast: missing Russian Nukes, American Hiroshima, False Flag watch, Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff saying that "he has a feeling an attack is coming," V.P. Dick Cheney saying that the next threat is terrorist Nukes in US cities,  Put Options counting on financial collapse expiring on Sep 21, unauthorized transport of US Nukes over American soil, CIA director Michael Hayden warning Sep 7 that Al-Qaeda was plotting fresh attacks on the United States aimed at producing massive casualties, increased "chatter," bin Laden's first video in years wherein he references Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ...

    It is not our need to unravel conspiracies, our immediate need is to identify them before they occur, so that we can get out of the way.  Now, since I live in one of the American Hiroshima cities this is of particular import to me.  I live in Chicago, and it matters not to me if it is bin Laden, Bush-Cheney, Mossad, the CIA/NSA, or the man on the moon for that matter; if Chicago is to be targeted I would like to know when so that I can take a little trip out to the country at the right time.  Many of you who regularly read here at WBSG also live in these cities, or downwind of them.  So it should be of great concern to you as well.

Other timing concerns

    Starting today (Sat, Sep 8th) 100 Mexican trucking firms are authorized to send their unsearched trucks from Mexico in America; and as we speak right now, hundreds of Mexican semi-trucks are fanning out across America to every major city of this nation.  What's in them?

More bin Laden anomalies

    Two days ago on Sep 6th Fox News reported the below:

Counterterrorism Officials Analyzing Islamic Web Post Warning of 'Special Gift'
Fox News
September 06, 2007

DEVELOPING STORY: Federal counterterrorism officials are analyzing a posting on an Islamic forum Web site that warns of "a special gift" to be given on the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, FOX News has learned. The warning was posted Sept. 2 on a site frequented by radical groups and said in part that "there will be a special gift coming on the day of the blessed invasion of Manhattan." ...

    Also, American Intelligence received a copy of bin Laden 's video EARLY AOL News states: "The United States intercepted the video before it was released on Islamic Web sites where al-Qaida usually posts its messages, a U.S. counterterrorism official said in Washington."  They had it before any of the Jihadist Websites had it, and because of this Fox News reported on Sep 8th that some Jihadist Websites are beginning to call the tape a CIA front.  But the point is that they received (and viewed) the tape early

    That means that whoever sent the tape intended it to be seen at a latter time, perhaps right before an attack?  On the tape bin Laden mentions: "and the morrow is nigh for he who awaits" [page 3 of transcript].  If that is the case then that makes an attack imminent.  And regarding bin Laden's appearance in the video with his black beard; this is highly unusual and may be a hidden "trigger sign" or "go ahead" authorization.  In a March 12, 2004 Medical News Today article we see the following report: "The terrorists which claimed to be responsible for the Madrid bombing yesterday say they are going to bring a 'black wind of death' to the USA."  Could Usama's newly sported black beard be the trigger for the Black wind?  Who knows?

Bin Laden following Koran edict against
enemies before extermination

    In the Koran, a conquering Muslim must do several things before destroying his enemy.  Bin Laden follows an extreme form of Islam, and in his form the Muslim must first offer the infidel the option to convert.  If they won't convert then they must pay Jizya (a tax, tribute).  If they will do neither then they must be killed.  These are outlined, in part, in the below on-line Koran, which is not as radical as bin Laden and doesn't in this place call for the extermination of the infidel, though it does say to "fight them" which of course means to kill them.  Bin Laden's version is to the extreme and includes death to the infidel.

Koran 9.29: Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

    In bin Laden's latest speech he fulfilled all of the above.  He offered to Americans that they should convert to Islam [Page 7 ]; and he spoke of a 2.5% tax in Islam [Page 7].  By extreme Islamic rules he is now cleared to kill the infidels, he is authorized to, as the above stanza states: "Fight those who do not believe in Allah".   How does a guy like bin Laden 'fight' America?  You know.

No predictions here, only possible windows of
opportunity! And not to cause alarm!  However:

    Based on all of the above, and purely as a precautionary measure, I myself shall not be in Chicago-proper on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 from dawn to dusk, especially in the mid-morning hours.  Call me "paranoid" if you wish, but it's a nice day for a drive in the country anyway.  What you the reader does must be your own decision.  But please do stay informed.  More to follow as we move through this "window of opportunity time."

~ End ~

[September 13th, 2007 update]

Thankfully, September 11, 2007 came and went without incident; however, that in no way makes us any safer today.  We are still in a heightened state of danger.  Our alert here above started with a possible window to a U. S. attack on Iran.  That action-alert still stands and is set to expire on September 15th, but it may be extended further at that time depending upon the flow of events.  September 21st is a particularly significant date, as that is when the billion dollars of Put Options expire.

    Then 911-07 presented a distraction, but it came and went without event (other than a highly unusual back-to-back bin Laden addresses).

    The situation is deteriorating at a rapid pace, but not just for/in America―the situation is expanding globally.  As I am currently not at my desk I cannot offer the usual level of documentation here―you must do your own research.  But don't rely on the Judaic-controlled mainstream media for your information, or you've just set yourself up to be used and deceived.

    Events are shaping up too fast to search out and provide links here.  But you can take the below list and Google search any item on that list for news stories about it.  As we sit here today, an hour before President Bush's addresses the nation, the following are concerning developing events:

  • Bush's address in and of itself at this time is cause for concern.  I expect him to also focus-in on Iranian intervention in Iraq, just as the General (Petraeus) did on the 10th and 11th when he gave his report.  I refer to the unexpected and pointed references to Iranian meddling in Iraq, and the accusations of direct involvement of Iran in U.S. troop attacks.  (If true, of course, this would be an act of war on Iran's part).

  • CNN, Fox News, and all other controlled media are suddenly (last couple of days) ratcheting-up stories that mention Iranian involvement in Iraqi insurgent activities (as we mentioned would happen in our above original article).  Iran is being vilified―whether rightly or not is irrelevant―by all controlled media operatives.  This is to prepare "Joe and Jane six-pack" for when President Bush calls for air strikes upon Iran.  All that is lacking (or awaits, better stated) is a major "provocation" on Iran's part, whether real or contrived.

  • Last week's incursion into Syria by Israeli jets was for the purpose of a successful attack on a Syrian nuclear missile site in the desert.

  • Reports are surfacing that Syria has been given nuclear materials by North Korea.

  • Reports are surfacing that Iran has been given nuclear materials by North Korea.

  • North Korea is now "cooperating" with UN nuclear inspections and is going to stand-down their nuclear program (after the above illegal nuclear materials exchanges).

  • The Russian government has been dismissed by President Putin, and Putin installs a new Prime Minister―this all prior to coming Russian elections.

  • The Japan prime minister steps down.

  • China succeeds in a cyber attack (computer hack) on Pentagon.

  • China 's plans for a cyber attack on American Aircraft Carrier fleets discovered (search under "Pearl Harbor II [or 2]").

  • All of the US Air Force is to stand-down tomorrow (Sep 14th).

  • No flights to New York by Israeli airlines on Sep. 14th (just like the 4000 Judaics who didn't go to work on 911-01).  September 14th would not be a good day to fly in America.

  • The Air Force report explaining "Nuke mishandling" event of Aug 30th expected tomorrow (Sep 14th).

  • The disclosure that President Bush had given V.P. Cheney full authority over nuclear matters prior to the "unauthorized" transfer of six nuclear warheads over American skies, as Cheney had authority override through the office of the Secret Service during 911-01.

  • (Nuclear armed) Pakistan spiraling into a civil war with militant Jihadists; where, if it were to happen, the U.S. would need to execute a military action to secure their nuclear missile assets.

  • France reportedly is now considering going into NATO (a couple of weeks ago the [Jewish] President of France [Sarcozy] called for air strikes against Iran).

  • Where's V.P. Dick Cheney?  Get nervous when he's not in plain sight, especially now.

  • Israel is much too quiet for anybody's liking, notably Syria's.

    Basically, events concerning Russia, China, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, ..., are increasing in tempo.  The International Judaics who control all the governments of man on this Earth are aligning the "kings of the East" into direct confrontation with the true-Israel nations (the Anglo-Saxon Western Christian Nations in Europe and North America), using the third world nations of Mexico & Central America, the Islamic hoards of Africa and Asia, and the unBiblical modern-day nation state of false-Israel as provocateurs.  Yet, most influential Christian leaders, apparently "not getting" the prophecies, considerer those impostors in "Israel" today to be "God's Chosen People."

Revelation 2:9  [Jesus Christ speaking by revelation]
9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.  KJV

Revelation 3:9  [Jesus Christ speaking by revelation]
9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.  KJV

    Once again, this whole situation could all stand down―should God decide that it is not yet time.  However, all things are in place now―should God determine that it is time.  God is in control, but that does not mean that carnage shall not follow―just read the sixth chapter of Revelation if you think that God won't allow this world to go into chaos before He returns at the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.  And while you are at it read the thirteenth chapter of Revelation as well.  And don't forget the Old Testament prophets; for, all that they predicted must come to pass in the endtimes, in our times.  "...and the scripture cannot be broken" ― Jesus Christ (John 10:35b).

Luke 21:22
22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.  KJV

No predictions here!―I do not know what shall happen for sure―we're just watchmen'ing.

More to follow as we move through this "window of opportunity time."


~ End ~

[NOTE: Stand-down on this matter to normal (elevated) concern levels — September 18.]

Update September 18th:

    On September 5th we issued an alert for an imminent U.S. air strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran.  We detailed our reasons for that concern and supplied our documentation.  Several days later, 911-07 came into view for a moment, but that also settled down without event.  At this time we are going to leave this issue as we feel that events have deescalated somewhat.  However, as evidenced by the below current news items, the Iran situation is in no way resolved.  And what is in fact occurring is that Iran proper, as an event window, has been slowed down so as to bring other players and state actors into the fray.  Specifically Syria and North Korea.

    You may remember that North Korea was the third, as President G.W. Bush called them, "Axis of Evil" nation along with the already pacified Iraq and the currently targeted Iran.  Also be reminded that the, what is called "Beyond the Axis of Evil" states are Libya, Syria, and Cuba.  Libya stood down in fear, Cuba is still defiant; and as we see, Syria is making the news as a probable next strike nation (by Israel).

    So that of the six nations targeted, one is destroyed (Iraq), two are standing on the edge of their destruction (Iran & Syria), one has heeled and played nice (Libya), and two are still defiant (N. Korea & Cuba).  And one of the two defiant nations (N. Korea) is suddenly being drawn into an illegal nuclear materials delivery scandal, which if true, could be considered an act of war against the USA and Israel, as giving nuclear weapons to Syria and Iran when both nations are standing on the precipice of war with the U.S. and Israel could be considered helping our enemies hurt/destroy us. 


    We supply excerpts from the below news items and present them to the reader so as to act to inform the watchman that the world is very active politically. 

    However, it seems that not all appreciate watchmen watching, or our efforts here to disseminate information, as seen in this recent letter from a critic.

   Some current developments:

Iran threatens missile attacks on US targets
By David Blair, Diplomatic Correspondent
The Telegraph (UK)
Last Updated: 2:30am BST 18/09/2007


Iran threatened to fire long-range missiles at American targets in the Middle East yesterday as the war of words between Teheran and the West continued to escalate.

A senior commander of the Revolutionary Guard, the largest component of the Islamic republic's armed forces, chose this moment to outline the capability of his country's ballistic missiles.

The Shahab-3 rocket has a range of 1,250 miles, allowing it to strike an array of Western targets across the Middle East.

"Today the Americans are around our country but this does not mean that they are encircling us. They are encircled themselves and are within our range," said Gen Mohammed Hassan Koussechi.

"If the United States is saying that they have identified 2,000 targets in Iran, then what is certain is that it is the Americans who are all around Iran and are equally our targets," he told the official IRNA news agency.

Gen Koussechi added: "We have reached capacities that allow us to hit the enemy at a range of 2,000 kilometres."

A wide array of possible targets faces Iran across the Gulf. Dubai, filled with Western companies, tourists and expatriates, is only 105 miles away. ... [Continued at The Telegraph (UK)]


The 'proxy war': UK troops are sent to Iranian border British soldiers return to action as tensions between US and Iran grow
The Independent (UK)
Exclusive by Kim Sengupta in Baghdad
Published: 12 September 2007


British soldiers return to action as tensions between US and Iran grow Exclusive by Kim Sengupta in Baghdad Published: 12 September 2007

British forces have been sent from Basra to the volatile border with Iran amid warnings from the senior US commander in Iraq that Tehran is fomenting a "proxy war".

In signs of a fast-developing confrontation, the Iranians have threatened military action in response to attacks launched from Iraqi territory while the Pentagon has announced the building of a US base and fortified checkpoints at the frontier.

The UK operation, in which up to 350 troops are involved, has come at the request of the Americans, who say that elements close to the Iranian regime have stepped up supplies of weapons to Shia militias in recent weeks in preparation for attacks inside Iraq.

The deployment came within a week of British forces leaving Basra Palace, their last remaining base inside Basra city, and withdrawing to the airport for a widely expected final departure from Iraq. Brigadier James Bashall, commander of 1 Mechanised Brigade, based at Basra said: "We have been asked to help at the Iranian border to stop the flow of weapons and I am willing to do so. We know the points of entry and I am sure we can do what needs to be done. The US forces are, as we know, engaged in the 'surge' and the border is of particular concern to them." .... [Continued at article]

Move troops to Iran border, Brown told
By Philip Sherwell and Tim Shipman
Last Updated: 2:29am BST 17/09/2007

General David Petraeus will press Gordon Brown to increase the number of British troops patrolling the Iraqi border with Iran when he meets the Prime Minister this week.

The US commander in Iraq wants Britain to move a significant proportion of the 5,000 troops garrisoned at Basra airport to cut off the smuggling of Iranian weapons to Shia militias.

But British commanders fear that the move carries a serious risk of embroiling the UK in a war with Iran at a time when they want to withdraw from Iraq.

...Last week, at the Americans' request, 350 British troops from 1 Mechanised Brigade began patrolling the border east of Basra and the Shatt al-Arab waterway.

But The Daily Telegraph has revealed that in November about 2,500 of the Basra contingent could be moved out of harm's way across the border into Kuwait, from where they will escort convoys and train Iraqi troops. The move will put Britain further at odds with US commanders.

An adviser to President George W Bush said Britain should think about sending far more troops to the Iranian border instead.

"There are 5,000 troops there," he said. "We want them to stay in Iraq but we also want them to do something useful." ... [Continued at The Telegraph (UK)]


Israelis ‘blew apart Syrian nuclear cache’  Secret raid on Korean shipment
From The Sunday Times
September 16, 2007


IT was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line. On the ground, Syria’s formidable air defences went dead. An audacious raid on a Syrian target 50 miles from the Iraqi border was under way.

At a rendezvous point on the ground, a Shaldag air force commando team was waiting to direct their laser beams at the target for the approaching jets. The team had arrived a day earlier, taking up position near a large underground depot. Soon the bunkers were in flames.

Ten days after the jets reached home, their mission was the focus of intense speculation this weekend amid claims that Israel believed it had destroyed a cache of nuclear materials from North Korea.

The Israeli government was not saying. “The security sources and IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] soldiers are demonstrating unusual courage,” said Ehud Olmert, the prime minister. “We naturally cannot always show the public our cards.”

The Syrians were also keeping mum. “I cannot reveal the details,” said Farouk al-Sharaa, the vice-president. “All I can say is the military and political echelon is looking into a series of responses as we speak. Results are forthcoming.” The official story that the target comprised weapons destined for Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite group, appeared to be crumbling in the face of widespread scepticism. ... [Continued at The Sunday Times (UK)]


North Korea, Syria May Be Working Together on Nuclear Facility
Preliminary reports say Pyongyang may be ceding its program only to provide it to a terror-sponsoring state.
The Trumpet
September 17, 2007

North Korea may be helping Syria build a nuclear facility, according to reports published by the New York Times and the Washington Post. The news comes from initial findings by the U.S. and Israeli intelligence communities compiled over the past six months. According to the reports, Israeli satellite photos reveal a facility on Syrian soil capable of producing weapons-grade nuclear material.

The Post’s anonymous sources said that the latest reports and images of the Syrian facility have been restricted to senior-level access only.

North Korea, which tested a nuclear bomb last October, halted its Yongbyon nuclear program in July partially as a result of U.S. and international pressure.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday that the administration is working to prevent “the world’s most dangerous people from having the world’s most dangerous weapons” (Haaretz, September 16).

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, stated that North Korea may be using Syria and Iran as “safe havens” for nuclear activity (ibid.).

The statements came on the heels of an Israel Air Force operation inside Syria. The nature of the operation is still vague, but it may have been a strike against a target in northeastern Syria.

The only nations to express solidarity with Syria are Iran and North Korea. ... [Continued at The Trumpet]

'Dozens died in Syrian-Iranian chemical weapons experiment'
Sep 18, 2007 13:54 | Updated Sep 18, 2007 21:12


Proof of cooperation between Iran and Syria in the proliferation and development of weapons of mass destruction was brought to light Monday in a Jane's Magazine report that dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Syrian officers were killed in a July 23 accident in Syria. .... [Continued at The Jerusalem Post]

Bush setting up US for war with Iran
Pentagon planners have list of up to 2,000 bombing targets

London Telegraph
By Philip Sherwell in New York and Tim Shipman in Washington
Last Updated: 2:29am BST 17/09/2007


Senior American intelligence and defence officials believe that President George W Bush and his inner circle are taking steps to place America on the path to war with Iran, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

Pentagon planners have developed a list of up to 2,000 bombing targets in Iran, amid growing fears among serving officers that diplomatic efforts to slow Iran's nuclear weapons programme are doomed to fail.

Pentagon and CIA officers say they believe that the White House has begun a carefully calibrated programme of escalation that could lead to a military showdown with Iran.

Now it has emerged that Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state, who has been pushing for a diplomatic solution, is prepared to settle her differences with Vice-President Dick Cheney and sanction military action.

In a chilling scenario of how war might come, a senior intelligence officer warned that public denunciation of Iranian meddling in Iraq - arming and training militants - would lead to cross border raids on Iranian training camps and bomb factories.

A prime target would be the Fajr base run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force in southern Iran, where Western intelligence agencies say armour-piercing projectiles used against British and US troops are manufactured.

Under the theory - which is gaining credence in Washington security circles - US action would provoke a major Iranian response, perhaps in the form of moves to cut off Gulf oil supplies, providing a trigger for air strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities and even its armed forces.

Senior officials believe Mr Bush's inner circle has decided he does not want to leave office without first ensuring that Iran is not capable of developing a nuclear weapon.

The intelligence source said: "No one outside that tight circle knows what is going to happen." But he said that within the CIA "many if not most officials believe that diplomacy is failing" and that "top Pentagon brass believes the same".

He said: "A strike will probably follow a gradual escalation. Over the next few weeks and months the US will build tensions and evidence around Iranian activities in Iraq." ... [Continued at The telegraph (UK)]

Israel to Syria: Use chem weapons & we'll wipe you off map
BY MATTHEW KALMAN in Jerusalem and
Thursday, September 20th 2007, 4:00 AM


Israeli officials vowed to wipe Syria off the map if it is attacked with chemical weapons like one that reportedly exploded in July at a secret Syrian base staffed with Iranian engineers.

Politicians in Israel said yesterday they were not picking a fight with their neighbor, but pledged to forcefully retaliate if chemical warheads come screaming across its shared border.

"We will not attack them first. But if they ever use these weapons against Israel, then we must be clear — it will be the end of this evil and brutal dictatorship," Yuval Steinitz, a right-wing member of the Israeli parliament, told the Daily News yesterday.

Sparking shock waves across the Middle East was a report in Jane's Defence Weekly about an accidental explosion at a top secret Syrian base in July.

Citing Syrian intelligence sources, the report claimed a team of Iranian and Syrian engineers were killed July 26 while trying to arm a Scud-C missile with a mustard gas warhead. ... [Continued at New York Daily News]

   Syria and Iran are the last two pieces of the plan of clearing the Mideast for Israel.  Once Iran and Syria are pacified the entire Mideast will be a very Israel-friendly region.  In short, Islam itself is being countered and defanged.  They apparently eventually succeed because we do not see Islam as we know it today during the Tribulation.  North Korea is a later problem that shall be dealt with by the New World Order crew; though, even now they are "cooperating" with the UN Nuclear Commission and have tacitly agreed to dismantle their nuclear capability, which would render them irrelevant.  Cuba is irrelevant other than its close proximity to U.S. shores.  China and Russia are the two major problems for the Anglo-NWO crowd.  However, we see that they are intact in the Tribulation.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

    And the beat goes on....


Letter from a critic:

A reader mocks and writes:

Subject: Will O.J. die before Christ returns?

May 2, 2025 -- AP

     Orenthal James Simpson, the Hall of Fame football star and accused
murderer, died yesterday of prostate cancer at his daughter's home in
Sacramento.  He was 78.

     .....Now you tell me, Nick Goggin, editor and glorified
prognosticator of all events doomed to the prophetic scrap heap, which
has a better chance of occuring FIRST:  the above headline on O.J.'s
flesh demise, or, the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ?

     Nick, if someone had told YOU back in 1994 when those gruesome
murders were commited that we would STILL be subjected to this
excrutiating waiting game in the flesh, and moreover, seeing O.J.
dominate the news headlines of current events during the Fall Feast days
of A.D. 2007, would you still have expended all the energy and time that
you have on your site, since its debut in 1998?

     This is the height of EXASPERATION for any watchmen of current
events, to be tormented by an endless loop of retrogressive "news".
Saddam Hussein may finally be dead, but how many more years or decades
must pass until the next TYPE of the Destroyer meets his waterloo?

[WBSG Note:  I never said that Hussein was "a type of the destroyer," nor did I ever say that Iraq was a type of the endtime Babylon; that was another person who said that.  And I disagree with it adamantly.  That person said that because he mistakenly believes that part of Israel (specifically part of Judah) is located in the so-called state of "Israel."  Nothing could be further from the truth, in my respectful opinion.

    "Israel" in the Bible was never a place, never a land—it was the people Israel.  Consider that Samaria was the seat of the Israelite nation's government, and it was never called "Israel."  It was Samaria.  And today "Israel" is in the Christian West, called notably America and Great Britton, etc.

    Israel is a people, not a state on a map.  The Judaics have exploited the name "Israel" to plant their unBiblical modern day nation state in Palestine.  It is not Biblical, it fulfills none of the prophesies concerning the reformulated nation of Israel; even more, it isn't even a religious state (it is a secular nation, i.e., Atheist).  In short, the modern day so-called nation of Israel is a horrible hoax, the perfect lie; and most Christian leaders have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.

    In fact, the "Babylon" of the endtimes shall be centered in what you call modern day "Israel."]

     Your website has become as bloated with questions and ill-fated
"predictions" as the SC's tape study catalog!  Thus far the 2000's have
been just a colossal disappointment prophetically, and the decade will
probably only continue to regress.  Sure, there was a 34-day "war"
between Israel and Lebanon during the summer of 2006.  Big whup!  Was
that supposed to "tide us over" as watchmen until the 70 years of
desolations to Jerusalem concludes say, 70 years from 1948?

     I believe that Jesus Christ shall return someday.  The alternative
is too scary to even speak about.  But if we're still sitting here in
the flesh 10 years FROM NOW, and seeing O.J. in the news while we wait
for President Jeb Bush to consider a military strike on Iran, will it
then be fair to conclude that the 2nd Coming has been "cancelled" for
this generation?

     As you can see, I am more FED UP with this endless spate of
NON-events than I was when we corresponded more than two years ago in a
post you titled "When, How Long O Lord?"

     What sayest thou now, in '07, Nick?


Hello, frustrated are we? 

    That's okay, I think that we are all a little frustrated.  It's just that some of us don't quit.  And by the way, in all honesty, you pegged me wrong when you said that I made predictions.  I listed possibilities and time frames of heightened danger.  If you reread my latest alert you will see that I was emphatic that I was not making predictions.  So please, at least quote me correctly. 

    I follow current events very closely, then I compare them with the prophecies in the Bible, looking for correspondence.  It is not an "exact science," as things change rapidly and we do not always have access to the best Intel until days and weeks after an event.  However, we are presently in a very dangerous time, and it is not letting-up; but rather it is increasing in scope, albeit decreasing in tempo. 

    As regarding you and your present state of mind?  The Lord spoke of it by inspiration:

2 Peter 3:3-4
3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.  KJV

    And the above mood shall get much worse as times moves forward.  Get a hold of yourself, please. 

    Be patient, God says "OK" when it is God's time for a go-ahead.  Stay up to date and watch, watchmen, watch.  Do not become complacent. 

PS:  Why must there always be an air of hostility and confrontation when you write to me.  Do you not like me?  If so, why? 

PSS:  I am going to update the latest alerts later-on today.  You might want to withhold comment until it is posted. 

    Peace to you in Christ Jesus.

[P.S. Are you on our E-mail Mailing List yet? Join our MAILING LIST]

God bless the study of His Word; in Jesus Christ's Precious and powerful name!
Nick Goggin

The same reader replies:

Subject: teaser "signs" and table scraps

     On the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" this past May, the
opening skit featured one of the cast members in a raucous parody of
V.P. Dick Cheney, holding court in the Oval office with his lackey Bush
while ruminating on his (Cheney's) plans for a U.S. war with Iran.
Toward the end of the skit, the actor portraying Cheney heckled, "Heh
heh heh.... just wait until October 16th!"

     What a wicked little bon mot for the show to throw out for late
night public consumption, I thought, before "SNL" adjourned for the
summer.  Why "Oct. 16th" I wondered?  Was this just some random date a
comedy writer penned as part of the sketch, or was it something much
darker?  Was it perhaps a cocky wink-wink that was leaked from sources
connected to the pervasive forces that, as you believe, are behind all
wars, and thus would be planning and provoking a U.S. military strike
against Iran?  Was this a sneaky heads-up warning, an intelligence
spoiler from kenite-controlled Hollywood inserted into, of all vehicles,
a late night comedy show, ie. "SNL"?

     There, Nick!  I'm trying to be nice and give you and all of us
watchmen what we crave most--a tease of hope!  The belief that maybe,
just maybe, we will yet see some meaty prophetic fulfillment in calendar
'07, instead of these "table scraps" that we've been forced to subsist
on in recent years.

     In many ways it does make perfect sense.  This fall is their last
best hope for Bush & Cheney to salvage this Iraq mess on their watch, by
jumpstarting another conflict in an attempt to neutralize our most
nettlesome adversary in the region, Iran.  They can't wait until
2008....that would be way too late in his final term and would leave no
breathing room for a celebratory victory dance while he is still in

     Then again, however, he just admitted the other day in his
primetime speech to the nation that our involvement in Iraq will extend
beyond his presidency.  So, perhaps any plans they had to attack Iran
have hence been scrapped. 

     At any rate, it is Damascus (ISA 17:1) and not Tehran, that will be
completely wiped out at some point yet future.  So why are you
succumbing to false hope by droning on about a couple of nukes being
rotated or shuttled about within the U.S.?  Do you think the devil
doesn't cackle at your derision?

     Strong words and an air of hostility, you say?  Look, it's way past
the point where we sincere students of God's Word must step back and
remind ourselves occasionally of just how strong STRONG DELUSION can be!
As even Lance Knight used to say, prior to his spiritual meltdown in
2004 when he chucked his whole ministry into the abyss, "if a person is
deceived, they don't KNOW that they're deceived.  That is the very
essence of deception."  Lance couldn't handle it when the death of Pope
John Paul in April '04 didn't immediately segue into the appearance of
the spurious messiah.  For him, and not a few others before him, it was
one "benchmark" too many! 

     So, Nick, as you continue to O.D. on caveats in your commentaries,
can you really blame other long-time fellow students from growing so
exceedingly weary of these tedious teaser "signs", these false flags and
table scraps that since the 1993 Oslo accords signed on the White House
lawn with Arafat and Rabin (both of whom are now as dead as the peace
process itself) and with Sharon a comatose vegetable since Jan. '06,
have amounted to NOTHING in the way of tangible prophetic fulfillment
even now in late 2007? 

     Based on the dreary pattern of current events since the Iran/Iraq
war of the 1980's, which dragged on for 8 years and wherein approx. 1
million people died, a likely scenario of current events in the coming
years will include:  an election shocker in 2008, where someone will
either withdraw from the race or die while campaigning, another
terrorist attack in early 2009, just days before Bush leaves office and
which will cement the current conflict for the next President before
they are even sworn in, followed by the Big One (earthquake) in 2010
wherein the Religous Right will proclaim it was God's judgment on
California, followed by another pseudo-"peace" accord in 2011 between
the Israeli's & Palestinians, wherein everyone will perk up a little bit
and ask "Is THIS IT?"....No, it won't be "it", because don't forget, the
Mayan calendar doesn't end until Dec. 2012.  Doesn't their prophetic
clock have to expire first before any Messiah can appear?  Then,
probably in 2013, the biggest news story of that year will be when the
current Pope croaks, causing anyone who still cares to ask, "Might this
next Pope be the last Pope?"  Blah blah blah!

     Do you see the unrelenting ominousness of all this, Nick?  When
will it finally end?  With Arnold Murray's final telecast in 2014?  Is
something that is AT LEAST  7 years or more future really IMMINENT?  Why
must you throw out false hope on your website regarding the imminency of
Christ's return when there are still two more Harry Potter movies slated
for release on the Big screen?  (The final book may have been published,
but the movie version isn't due out until 2010.)

     Don't e-mail me back in mock outrage and insist that these things
"don't have to happen" before the spurious messiah can appear.  You and
I both know He isn't going to step on the toes of J.K. Rowling and her
legions of loyal fans by pre-empting the outcome of Harry's fate with
any kind of REAL supernatural event, such as we've been bracing for as
SC students since Arnold Murray got all worked up over Mount St. Helen's
eruption back in 1980.

     I hope you don't crack up spiritually, Nick, like Lance Knight and
so many others have.  I never imagined this would have turned into the
endurance contest it has when I started studying with SC back in 1993.
Back then there was so much enthusiasm for understanding current events.
Now the consensus among many is "Wake me up in 2029!"

     Should God really blame them?  As horrible as the events of 9/11
and Katrina were, they and all other events since the Palestinian
Intifada erupted in Sept. 2000 have fallen far, far short of what a
certain pastor on TV had warned his flock would occur by now!  The
Psalms themselves declare that God will put His enemies in
derision....not His own servants (when it comes to understanding His
timetable for bringing all things to pass!)

     We are supposed to be living in the fig tree generation, and I'm
sorry to say, but a "generation" according to God's mercy, is NOT 120
years!  GEN 6:3 had better refer to a shortened life-span, compared to
the biblical patriarchs of Adam and Noah's days, when men like
Methuselah lived to be 969.  We shorten that grace period of 120 years
today by at least one third by our wrong habits of living.  Am I the
only one who can grasp the difference between a generation, and a

Your in Christ,


Hello; you said:

"...Why must you throw out false hope on your website regarding the
imminency of Christ's return when there are..."

    Oh, but I do not speak of the Second Advent, I speak of the onset of the Great Tribulation.  Perhaps you haven't read me but I am in respectful disagreement with pastor Murray regarding the final shortened length of the Tribulation.  My position is that the Tribulation is in two parts, that the first part is 42 months long and has not been shortened, and that the second part has been shortened, most likely to circa 5 months.  Therefore, pastor Murray's Tribulation is 5 months total, and "mine" is circa 47 months long. 

    The difference becomes critical when one determines to provide for himself and his family to "ride out" the Tribulation without having to trade their soul for any "marks" to feed their children.  "And that no man might buy or sell [food, medicine, shelter, etc.] , save [except for] he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Rev 13:17).  If one provides for 5 months, and if I am correct, then you will still have a further 42 months wherewith to be tempted to sell your soul to save your children's lives (and your own). 

    Perhaps you have no children, or perhaps you don't really believe the prophesies, but have you ever considered the prospect of watching your children starve to death, literally, right before your eyes?  No, we cannot fathom that today, we are fat and soft and lazy and weak, unbelieving all that is written for the sheer horror of it.  And make absolutely no mistake about it, do not even entertain the thought that you can be able to make a "side-deal" with God to fake taking the mark of the beast and not be held accountable for it.  For many shall try that.  The result of them and their end was written by holy inspiration two millennia ago.  You do believe all that the prophets declared, do you not?

Rev 14:9-11
9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice,
If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up
for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.  KJV

    This is a very serious matter, and I treat it as such.  And by the way, the attack on Iran is not "the end of the world," it isn't even the end of the wars, it isn't even the start of the Tribulation.  And also consider that today we are living prophecy, we are experiencing the "rumors of war."

Mark 13:7
7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.  KJV

    Peace to you in Christ Jesus.

[Note:  Added after above was mailed to the reader.

The reader mentioned in his above (2nd E-mail) the following:

"...Toward the end of the skit, the actor portraying Cheney heckled, "Heh
heh heh.... just wait until October 16th!"

...Why "Oct. 16th" I wondered?  Was this just some random date a
comedy writer penned as part of the sketch, or was it something much
darker?  Was it perhaps a cocky wink-wink that was leaked from sources
connected to the pervasive forces that, as you believe, are behind all
wars, and thus would be planning and provoking a U.S. military strike
against Iran?  Was this a sneaky heads-up warning, an intelligence
spoiler from kenite-controlled Hollywood inserted into, of all vehicles,
a late night comedy show, ie. "SNL"? ..."

Answer:  The significance of the date of October 16th is this:

Red October: Russia, Iran and Iraq
Strategic Forecasting
September 17, 2007  1909 GMT

By George Friedman

...Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki attended a meeting of the Iranian-Russian Joint Economic Commission in Moscow over the weekend. While in the Russian capital, Mottaki also met with Russian Atomic Energy Chief Sergei Kiriyenko to discuss Russian assistance in completing the Bushehr nuclear power plant. After the meeting, Mottaki said Russian officials had assured him of their commitment to complete the power plant. Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, said, "With regards to the Bushehr power plant, we have reached good understanding with the Russians. In this understanding a timetable for providing nuclear fuel on time and inaugurating this power plant has been fixed." While the truth of Russian assurances is questionable -- Moscow has been mere weeks away from making Bushehr operational for the better part of the last three years, and is about as excited about a nuclear-armed Iran as is Washington -- the fact remains that Russian-Iranian cooperation continues to be substantial, and public.

Mottaki also confirmed -- and this is significant -- that Russian President Vladimir Putin would visit Tehran
on Oct. 16. The occasion is a meeting of the Caspian Sea littoral nations, a group that comprises Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. According to the Iranians, Putin agreed not only to attend the conference, but also to use the visit to confer with top Iranian leaders.

This is about the last thing the United States wanted the Russians to do -- and therefore the first thing the Russians did. The Russians are quite pleased with the current situation in Iraq and Iran and do not want anything to upset it. From the Russian point of view, the Americans are tied down in an extended conflict that sucks up resources and strategic bandwidth in Washington. There is a similarity here with Vietnam. The more tied down U.S. forces were in Vietnam, the more opportunities the Soviets had. Nowadays, Russia's resources are much diminished compared with those of the Soviets -- while Russia has a much smaller range of interest. Moscow's primary goal is to regain a sphere of influence within the former Soviet Union. Whatever ambitions it may dream of, this is the starting point. The Russians see the Americans as trying to thwart their ambitions throughout their periphery, through support for anti-Russian elements via U.S. intelligence.

If the United States plans to stay in Iraq until the end of the Bush presidency, then the United States badly needs something from the Russians -- that they not provide arms, particularly air-defense systems, to the Syrians and especially the Iranians. The Americans need the Russians not to provide fighter aircraft, modern command-and-control systems or any of the other war-making systems that the Russians have been developing. Above all else, they want the Russians not to provide the Iranians any nuclear-linked technology.

Therefore, it is no accident that the Iranians claimed over the weekend that the Russians told them they would do precisely that. Obviously, the discussion was of a purely civilian nature, but the United States is aware that the Russians have advanced military nuclear technology and that the distinction between civilian and military is subtle. In short, Russia has signaled the Americans that it could very easily trigger their worst nightmare.

The Iranians, fairly isolated in the world, are being warned even by the French that war is a real possibility. Obviously, then, they view the meetings with the Russians as being of enormous value. The Russians have no interest in seeing Iran devastated by the United States. They want Iran to do just what it is doing -- tying down U.S. forces in Iraq and providing a strategic quagmire for the Americans. And they are aware that they have technologies that would make an extended air campaign against Iran much more costly than it would be otherwise. Indeed, without a U.S. ground force capable of exploiting an air attack anyway, the Russians might be able to create a situation in which suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD, the first stage of a U.S. air campaign) would be costly, and in which the second phase -- battle against infrastructure -- could become a war of attrition. The United States might win, in the sense of ultimately having command of the air, but it could not force a regime change -- and it would pay a high price.

...In other words, the Russians will want the United States to get out of the former Soviet Union -- and stay out. Alternatively, the Russians are prepared, on Oct. 16, to reach agreements on nuclear exchange and weapons transfers that will include weapons that the Iranians can easily send into Iraq to kill U.S. troops. Should the United States initiate an air campaign prior to any of this taking effect, the Russians will increase the supply of weapons to Iran dramatically, using means it used effectively in Vietnam: shipping them in. If the United States strikes against Russian ships, the Russians will then be free to strike directly against Georgia or the Baltic states, countries that cannot defend themselves without American support, and countries that the United States is in no position to support.

It is increasingly clear that Putin intends to reverse in practice, if not formally, the consequences of the fall of the Soviet Union. He does not expect at this point to move back into Central Europe or engage in a global competition with the United States. He knows that is impossible. But he also understands three things: First, his armed forces have improved dramatically since 2000. Second, the countries he is dealing with are no match for his forces as long as the United States stays out. Third, staying out or not really is not a choice for the United States. As long as it maintains this posture in Iraq, it is out.

This is Putin's moment and he can exploit it in one of two ways...
[Continued at: Red October: Russia, Iran and Iraq ]

    And yes, Virginia, there are no "coincidences" in the geopolitical.  But of course, one must remain informed to profit from that premise.  That's all that I am trying to do here with these alerts—to assist the watchmen's watching (no gender intended).

    Basically, what the above analysis is insinuating (if you read the whole article at the LINK) is that the U.S. will have to make some back-room concessions to the Russians if they want to attack Iran and secure a Russian no-meddling posture.  Namely, we must betray those former Soviet states whom we have promised protection from Russia to.  Just as we are asking Russia to betray her security promises to Iran and to turn a blind eye to our impending bombing campaign.  All states are whores in the geopolitical realm—there is no fidelity.  There is much truth to the old adage, "The first casualty of war is truth."


[P.S. Are you on our E-mail Mailing List yet? Join our MAILING LIST]

God bless the study of His Word; in Jesus Christ's Precious and powerful name!
Nick Goggin



News & C.E. News & Current Events with Christian endtime-Commentary (Aug 16, 2007)

Video: Immigration by the Numbers

   Roy Beck, the speaker in the video is a public policy analyst and the Executive Director of NumbersUSA, and in his presentation here he is compassionate towards immigrants and addresses the problems of immigration (both legal and illegal) as environmental and resource concerns.  Which is fine and is also true as to the effects of over-immigration; however, he, not being aware of the (false-Israel) International Judaic's long-plan regarding watershed immigration into America (and the other Christian Western Nations), misses the main reasons for these suicidal immigration policies of the various true-Israel nations.  We shall fill in those blanks in our upcoming study, "Religion and Race: The Planned Overthrow of the Anglo-Christian West."

    Nevertheless, this video is an absolute must-see, the best sixteen minutes you'll ever spend researching immigration and its impact on the indigenous societies where it is injected, and in the case of this video, it's impact on America.  With charts, graphs, and even gumballs, Roy Beck paints an alarming picture of that which cannot be stopped and whose damage can only now be minimized.

    When this video is inserted into our "Religion and Race: The Planned Overthrow of the Anglo-Christian West" Bible study we will show that the immigration policies of all the once-Christian once-Anglo-Saxon (true-Israel) Western Nations are driven covertly by the interloping International Judaics the puzzle-picture will then be complete.  But for now this video will stand on its own; perhaps not telling you Why it is happening, nor by whose hand it is happening; but definitely telling both how it is happening and showing you that it is in fact happening.  And that is a good place to start.

Intro from the video's source:

"This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or a Congressman.  This clip from the longer video, Immigration by the Numbers, features Roy Beck demonstrating the catastrophe of the huge numbers of both legal and illegal immigration by Third World people into the modern nations. He uses standard statistics and simple gumballs to show this disaster in the making."

(Video 16:54 min. long)

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Q & A's  Christian Questions and Answers (Posted Aug 2, 2007 [not in last mailing])

 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and American politics
On July 12, 2007, for the first time in 220 years, the United States Congress was opened with a prayer by a Hindu clergyman to his pantheon of false gods.
 Is Pres. G. W. Bush really a Christian?  Is it remotely possible that 911 wasn't an inside job (Thermate cutter-charges)?

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News & C.E. News & Current Events with Christian endtime-Commentary (Aug 1, 2007)

How to survive the critical first hours and days of a Nuclear/Dirty-Bomb Attack

    Here we offer a 37 minute audio recording by the Christian radio station, TRUNEWS, of an interview with Shane Connor, the CEO of KI4U, the makers of the personal NukeAlert (described further below).

Prov 22:3
3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.  KJV

    And Please don't blow this subject off (nuclear attacks in the U.S.), and also don't be unprepared—and then in the last moments of your life be thinking that you had once heard something about how to survive an emergency like the one you are then in, but you can't remember what to do and you hadn't made any preparations at all. That would be a terrifyingly frustrating situation to be in, and such an unnecessary way to die.  There is so much that you can do to save yourself, if you only know "the rules of the game."  Yes, you can survive a nuclear terrorist attack.  Is a nuclear terrorist attack possible on American soil, or are we just "tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists" like the you-know-who's want you to believe?

Vice President Dick Cheney: The greatest threat now is ‘a 9/11 occurring with a group of terrorists armed not with airline tickets and box cutters, but with a nuclear weapon in the middle of one of our own cities’.— Vice President Dick Cheney on Face the Nation, CBS, April 15, 2007.  Quoted at: Cheney Determined To Strike In US With WMD This Summer.

On the "American Hiroshima" project:  “...At least seven teams, according to information obtained from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other al-Qaida operatives, in at least seven metropolitan areas. These areas have been identified as New York, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. The [nuclear] attack will occur simultaneously at the seven sites. Link. (See also here and here, etc.)

    And it doesn't matter whether these attacks are another false-flag operation or if they are from genuine terrorist organizations, or in conjunction with intelligence authorities closing their eyes as the attacks are planned by terrorists and the assets are moved into place over our intentionally-kept-porous southern border—you are still in just as much danger either way.  But take some  comfort in that a false-flag attack will necessarily not exceed the capabilities of a terrorist organization, so the bombs or devices themselves will be much smaller than a powerful government's monster bombs that we have feared for decades (like Russia's during the Cold War for instance).  So these attacks are going to be very survivable for those not too close to the blast itself.  What you learn here today in this hour will give you and your family a fighting chance to survive.

    Before we hear the audio tape, I have supplied below some factoids that I have gathered from my own research and a recent 40 hour Homeland Security first-responders terrorism training seminar that my department sent me through.  Many of the points are covered in the audio, but many of them are not covered or aren't so clearly explained.  And please understand that I do not claim to be an expert in this field, and encourage the reader to further his own knowledge in this area through Internet searches and studies. All of the information that you need is right there on the Internet.  And until they censor it, the Internet is like having the world's libraries and research institutions at your fingertips.

    No generation of man has ever had the vast amount of information accessible from their desktops that we have today.  But that access is soon to end or be drastically monitored/censored as it is now in Marxist-Communism China.  The first information to disappear will be anything remotely critical of Judaics or Israel, presently being spearheaded by Holocaust Worship.  That should pretty much sum up why that it is primarily (only) influential Judaics that are pushing draconian censorship ("Hate" Laws) world-wide.  The Internet and its free-flow of information has effectively thrown a wrench in their world-hegemony schemes.  For now, that is.  No longer are they afforded the cover of anonymity.  The International Judaics can no longer hide behind proxies.

    So that now, to the informed researcher, it isn't the "Military Industrial Complex" any more, it's the Judaics that own that complex; it isn't the "Illuminati" anymore, it's the Judaics that founded, lead, and control that Illuminati; it isn't "American and British government" anymore, it's the Judaics behind the scenes steering it (the Muslims have caught on to this one); it isn't the "International Bankers," it's the Jewish bankers who control all major finance globally; it isn't the "antichristian Media and Liberal Hollywood," it's the Jewish-controlled media & Hollywood; the same with "Freemasonry," the "Club of Rome," the "Homosexual Movement"; the "Abortion Industry"; the "Woman's Movement"; the "Civil Rights Movement"; the "Council on Foreign Relations," the "Trilateral Commission," etc. ad infinitum.

    The International Judaics are out in the open for those unafraid to judge the evidence on the evidence itself, in a vacuum absent of that sinful "Political-Correctness."  The problem is that they are too far along in their plans now to stop them, which is why they really don't particularly care that they are being exposed.  That, and the fact that most people are intellectual cowards and fear nothing more than having an unpopular opinion—and the truth be damned.  "Sheep" indeed is our human instinct, it seems, as Jesus called us.

    Nevertheless, for however long they have  hidden themselves,  hidden power is only content to remain hidden until they are strong enough to be seated on the throne.  Then they want the respect that they feel is due to them as absolute masters of this world.  You are presently living in a generation that shall see (and is already slowly seeing) their "coming-out."  Once they take their mask off the Great Tribulation shall begin.

During a Nuclear or Radiological (Dirty-Bomb) attack:

After the initial nuclear blast (the blinding-if-you-look-directly-into-it flash of light), for every four seconds that it takes for the shock wave to hit your location, one mile is between you and ground zero.  So, a 12 second ("one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand," etc.) span of time between the blast and the shockwave hitting you means that ground zero is approximately three miles away.  And assuming that the device used by terrorists would be a 10 kiloton or smaller bomb (smaller than the 13 Kiloton Hiroshima bomb) this distance is very survivable, IF, you know what to do, IF you have prepared yourself.  The time to become aware and to prepare is now, not when you are bombed.

Even two or one miles away from ground zero is survivable depending on the size of the devise and the altitude at detonation. Most likely a terrorist-deployed Nuke is going to be at ground level, or at best in a tall building.  That is good (relatively speaking) because for a Nuke to be effective it has to be detonated high in the sky.  Ground-level blasts are very local as far as kill zones.  But if they try to take it in a plane our satellite radiation detectors will be lighting-up from coast to coast.  So they can't be as sophisticated as they would like to be.

Remember that if you are one mile from ground zero you have less than four seconds to get safely behind something sturdy (preferably underground), if you are two miles away then you have less than eight seconds.  Not much time to think.  And made all the more confusing because at the instant of detonation you won't have an exact idea of how far from the blast that you are, and thus you won't know how long that you have before the blast wave rolls through.

After a nuclear detonation the air is not radioactive, only the dust (fallout) in the air carries the radiation.  So once the dust settles (completely [and remember, the wind will kick it up again]) and/or it rains, the air is safe to breathe.  But breathing the dust (visible or invisible) will insure cancer at best and a fatal dose of radiation at worst.  Obviously, a simple dust mask is of great value here; for, if you get even a small particle of the radioactive dust into your lungs you could be fated to come down with cancer later-on.  Do not drink any water or eat any food that has come into contact with nuclear fallout, needless to say.  But what that means is that if you are stuck sheltering-in someplace that you will need to have thought ahead and had your own food and water supplies for however long you are stuck there.  Trapped in a basement for three weeks with radiation levels raging outside is a bad time to start thinking about food and water supplies.

Away from ground zero, after seven hours that fallout dust is only 1/10th as radioactive as it first was. After two days it is only 1/100th as radioactive.  So if you aren't too close to ground zero you can go out relatively soon after a nuclear attack.  Time is your friend, the more time that you can avoid exposure to the dust (and any radioactive items from the blast area) the better chances you have of receiving absolutely no harmful or lasting effects from this disaster.  There are still alive today, some 60+ years after the blasts, people who were in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  So you can survive, and that's the proof.

Distance from the blast's center (ground zero) is the most important element of surviving a nuclear blast.  After surviving the initial blast, the next most important survival element is avoiding the more-than-hurricane-strength blast wave (which is packed-full of radioactive fallout and debris, and flying glass, flying mailboxes, fences, trees, and even cars, etc.); then finally, avoiding the fallout (dust cloud), especially not breathing it into your lungs.

After the nuclear blast (or explosion if it is a Radiation Dirty-Bomb) you must determine if you are downwind of ground zero.  If you are, then silent death is drifting on the wind your way.  You must immediately move away and to the side of the approaching dust cloud, so that you not only move away from the cloud of fallout, but also that you move out of its path, and it safely blows past you, off to the side of you by hopefully a half mile (four city blocks) or more.  The more distance the better.

If you are in a traffic jam, then get out of the car and run or walk as fast as you can at a right angle to the approaching fallout cloud.  Think of it as when you are barbecuing on your outdoor grill; when the wind blows the smoke into your face—and you simply step back—it still comes into your face because you are still downwind.  However, when you take just a few steps off to the side, the smoke blows safely past you, away from you off to your side. The same applies for a fallout cloud.  No matter how fast you run, if you run directly away from it and there is a twenty mile an hour breeze, then that cloud will eventually catch up to you.  But if you run to the side it will blow past you safely.  But if you see it coming and you can't get out of it's path, then break a window and climb into the first house or building you can get to and find a safe place in there away from any open windows (preferably in the basement).  Stay there a couple days and you most likely shall survive.  But if you run around in the fallout cloud you will either get cancer shortly or die real soon.

And if you get this fallout dust on you, you must wash it off immediately, it is poisoning you minute by minute, though you don't feel anything.  Like, do you remember the pictures of the 911 victims that were covered in soot and dust?  That is the kind of dust covering that shall happen after a nuclear blast, but that dust shall all be radioactive.  And had the 911 attacks been radioactive (from a nuclear blast or a dirty-bomb) then those dust covered, dust breathing people most likely would all be dead by now.  Or very, very sick.  And as you saw in the mass confusion of 911, there was no way that the authorities could have set up decontamination showers and cleaned those people (it's just a plain water shower to rinse the contaminated dust off of you).  Heck, they didn't even try; though they claimed to have prepared for a terrorist attack.  Even the firemen worked all day in the dust, often without masks!  The point is, in most cases the authorities can't really help you in time, though they mean well.  Everybody is shocked, confused, and scared, including first-responders who don't know exactly what they are dealing with right away.

So don't count on the authorities to help you, they will be overwhelmed and themselves reluctant to enter into radioactive areas to save you.  In other words, they will write you off as casualties even though you aren't dead yet.  And who can blame them, would you go into a poisoned environment to save people that you think are dead-on-their-feet already?  No, you wouldn't.  You must provide, and be prepared to provide, for yourself and your own.  And you do that preparing TODAY, not on blast day!  OK, tomorrow or next week—but don't keep putting it off until it's too late, thinking the last thought of every sad rape victim: "It can't happen to me, not here!"

And if the authorities suspect a biological attack (germ warfare), then they will be ordered to shoot you if you try to run past their cordons.  And they will shoot you dead, fearing that you will contaminate others, and thinking that killing you will save so many others (and they might very well be right).  You must begin to think about this maturely and realistically.  And if you live in, work in, drive through, or visit a  population-dense area then you had better start taking this dead-serious—especially in this day and age, because that is the target of terrorists and those trying to impersonate them—places where many people are close together.  Even in rural areas, shopping malls, college football games, fourth of July or concert-type gatherings, etc., can be soft targets for terrorists.  But the main cities are the real tempting targets.

    However, the below audio makes the excellent point that the rural areas shall become the evacuation fields and relocation centers for the millions of affected peoples in the cities, so rural people shall not be unaffected by a major attack. [See this latest story for documentation: West Virginia and Ohio are making plans for the nearly 5 million Washington D.C. evacuees]  Grocery stores shall be emptied and closed in hours, bandits and "opportunists" shall be robbing (and worse!) everyone.  Remember the Hurricane Katrina aftermath with the armed mobs of low-life godless gang-bangers roving the streets?  That was not a one-time event, nor was it an unusual occurrence—they shall do that whenever disaster strikes and law and order breaks down, wherever those people are.  Prepare for that as well, the disaster itself is not the only threat to you and your family.  A legally-owned firearm would be most helpful for that problem.  Scumbags like easy targets, easy compliant victims—not well-armed Christians defending their families and property who are fully ready and Bible-sanctioned to dispatch scumbags to God for prompt deposit into hell.

Now, a Biological/Chemical attack is whole another thing.  In a biological attack you must get out fast, get away from the area, and don't get the droplets/mist on you and don't breath.  I know, that's difficult, to put it mildly.  Unless, of course, you have an (Army/Navy Surplus Store or Internet bought) gas mask with a biological filter and a rubber/plastic suit with rubber gloves, rubber boots, rubber hoody, and the wrist, ankle, waist, and neck holes taped shut with duct tape.  Shower with the suit on first before you take it off, otherwise you will get contaminated as you remove it.  It is best to take it off under water in a lake or stream, and then leave it underwater and get away from it.  Wash yourself well in the water upstream (and upwind).

After possible exposure to a biological agent get to a hospital fast.  Biological is the worst, but they have antidotes for most all of those agents in hospitals, IF you can get there quick enough and they aren't overwhelmed with multiple victims.  If after a muffled explosion or just in a crowd you see a bunch of people choking, clutching their throats, falling down convulsing uncontrollably, or with their skin "melting" off—get away from them fast, get upwind of them and the contaminated area immediately.  If you try to help them you will become as they are in a moment.  Happily, a Biological attack is the most difficult to execute correctly.  So a  biological attack is not likely to be used by terrorists.  Only the military can pull off a successful biological attack of any grand scale.

    A chemical attack is feasible, though.  The same basic precautions apply to a chemical attack as a biological.  In a chemical attack you will see a vapor cloud or strange droplets falling when it isn't raining.  You may also hear a muffled explosion first, because a chemical bomb only bursts enough to spread the chemical, any major blast would incinerate the agent rendering it inert (safe).  People will be visibly affected instantly in a chemical attack (whereas in a Biological attack it could take days to exhibit symptoms).  Do not breath in the cloud or mist and do not touch the droplets or any residue of it on the ground and cars, etc.  But out of all of these WMD attacks, the most likely to be used by a terrorist is going to be a dirty bomb.  Followed second by an actual nuclear bomb or chemical attack, and lastly by a biological attack.

We will keep our focus here on Nuclear/Dirty-Bomb attacks, especially with all the increased talk about the "American Hiroshima" attacks rumored to be in the making; and V.P. Dick Cheney's recent warning that a Nuclear/Dirty-Bomb is the most likely next attack; and Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff's saying that "he has a feeling" that an attack in America is coming this summer.  What do they know that we don't?  And they have safe bunkers to retreat to in the event of an attack, what have you got?  All you have is the Lord Jesus Christ (which is indeed a Mighty Help) and your wit and your preparations.  Will God help you, Christian?  Maybe He IS helping you by forewarning you to learn and prepare; have you ever considered that?

If you can't safely evacuate after a nuclear or dirty bomb attack because of fallout (dust), then it is better to shelter-in (stay put in the center of a structure with the windows and doors all closed) for a few days (a basement is best), then move out of the area after the air is safer to breath.  In a pinch, put a wet rag over your mouth and nose. But a simple $5.00 mask and a $20.00 two-piece plastic rain suit with a hood (duct-taped where garment meets garment) helps immensely while evacuating.  Trying to run away in a radioactive dust cloud will insure your early death.  Panic and indecision kills.  Knowledge gives confidence.  The same as it shall be in the Tribulation.  That's why you should study it now, not waiting until it lands on your neck.  That way you can make informed wise decisions at the time when you need them most. It is a little difficult doing last minute study-up of the Bible's Tribulation prophecies while antichrist's minions are chasing you around with guillotines.  I jest a little, kind of.  But you get the serious point.

RELAX.  If you've survived the initial explosion and the over-hurricane-strength shock wave, then time is on your side.  You only need now to avoid exposure to radioactive elements.

Basically, you can go three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food, and survive well enough.  The point being: store water!  If utilities are out, there is 60-80 gallons of fresh water in your hot water tank in the basement (which is also a great place to shelter-in)—that will get you through (every tank has a drain valve at the bottom, and it will drain even if electricity, gas, and water is not working—but it won't refill if the pumping stations are out; so ration).

If you are sheltered-in in a highly radioactive area you may need to stay put for weeks.  What will you eat?  What will you drink?   Do you have a radiation detector to inform you of the radiation levels in Rads?  Do you have a battery-operated radio to tune in to emergency broadcasts that will be telling you all that you need to know about "hot-spots" and radiation levels, wind patterns, instructions, and evacuation team locations?  Once again, foresight and a little planning now can mean the difference between life and death for you and your family then.

A nuclear detonation releases something called an EMP wave.  That is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse of energy that destroys all integrated circuits and electrical devises by charging the wires in those devices with a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy (which demonstrates as electricity) which travels down the wires burning every component in its path.  This is particularly effective if the nuclear bomb is detonated high up in the altitude (12-24 miles) where the pulse can travel further from horizon to horizon.  In the below audio, the speaker mentions having a small radio on hand to hear emergency information after a nuclear blast, which is an excellent idea; however, if you do not protect that radio from the EMP during the blast, it will not work after the blast.  After the below video we post some useful information on EMP's and how to make a cheap and easy Faraday Cage to protect your electronics from that electricity-generating Electro-Magnetic Pulse.

If you are, or are going to be in a radiation-exposed area then you will NEED to take Potassium Iodide tablets.

In conclusion:  Surviving a nuclear blast or a dirty bomb hinges on two main issues:  Time and DistanceDistance from the center of the blast (ground zero), and time in an exposed environment.  With just a little planning you can survive the unthinkable.

    The below audio is approx. 36 Min. long, and it is very good and informative.  We spliced it out of a longer one-hour audio wherein the first twenty-two minutes were private ministry business between the pastor and his regular congregation regarding church business.  Since I used their interview I will supply a link to the full one hour version, just to play fair: You CAN Survive a Nuclear Explosion.  But below is the good stuff, the actual 37.26 Min. interview:

Click to hear

Below are some informative and useful links:

Personal Radiation/Chem/Bio Detection & Protection Products:

    I have this below item myself (the NukeAlert).  And I am not promoting it for any personal-gain reason, as I do not make any money from them.  However, the below item is small, convenient, and reasonably priced ($160.00).  My first one broke (which I was able to determine because there is a faint ticking that you can hear with your ear against it) and they honored the warrantee and sent me a brand new one right away (next day!) with no cost to me.  So they are a reputable company and stand behind their products.  Why did mine break?  I don't know; sometimes things like that happen.  But I like the fact that you can detect when it stops working.

    There is much info at the below link, but I will say here that this device is good because it is always on, waterproof up to six feet, it tells you when radiation is around you, it tells you how much radiation is around you, and it has a chart on the back that tells you how long you can stay in that area before receiving a sickening (and fatal if you X it by 5) dose of radiation.  This is important because you can't see, smell, feel, or taste radiation, and you could receive a fatal dose and never know that you were exposed (remember that Russian ex-Spy that was radiation-poisoned in Brittan last year?  If he had the below $160.00 device he would be alive today).  Once again, I have no horse in the NukeAlert race, I do not even receive anything for advertising their product here.  I am supplying this info because I believe in the product and have one myself, and I think that you need one as well.

Nukalert™ 24/7 Key-Chain
Personal Radiation Monitor

Links to free instructional articles:

Main Website:

Faraday Cages (ELP protection for electronics):

Demonstration: Faraday Cage Protects man from 100,000 Volts:

    Video showing a live demonstration of the protective effect of a Faraday cage from a voltage of as high as 100,000 Volts at the Physikshow of the University of Bonn (Germany).

(Video 34 Sec. long)

And for music lovers, a "cool" video:

Nuclear War 2
(Video 3:09 Min. long)


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News & C.E. News & Current Events with Christian endtime-Commentary (Jul 31, 2007)

"Private Corporations" in charge of America's secrets and spy programs: 70 percent of the intelligence budget goes to private contractors!

    Four days ago (July 27) we posted a Q & A which made the below statement:

Source: Is Pres. G. W. Bush really a Christian?  Is it remotely possible that 911 wasn't an inside job (Thermate cutter-charges)?

“...The International Judaics have long been in control of our CIA, FBI (upper level only), and NSA, and now the newly constituted Homeland Security office.  As well, in England they have controlled the MI-5 (upper level only) and MI-6 (SIS) for even longer than they have controlled America's CIA and NSA.  Judaics covertly control the Spy/Security offices of most all major countries; that's how they control wars and international relationships.  And that is how both (Judaic-controlled) Russia and (Judaic-founded) Israel got the Atomic Bomb shortly after America developed it—Jewish spies....”

    At the time of the above writing I was totally unaware of the below information.  I was and am floored by this disclosure; and it only further solidifies my view that America has been infiltrated by the International Judaics and their functionaries to the very highest and top-secret levels of government.  And that our elected officials are corrupted and suborned to treason and traitorousness just as soon as they land in Washington.  No other explanation is possible!

    After the above paragraph we have today added some shocking new information into that original Q & A, and that information is repeated below.  The enormity of this in regards to compromising American intelligence gathering and interpretation should be obvious—we are letting "private contractors" have the keys to the kingdom!  In light of this and other shocking revelations, is it still possible for any thinking-person to maintain that America has not been infiltrated to the highest levels of decision-making and government in an attempt to destroy her from within?:

[The added info:]
  As of approximately the last six years (at the time of [before?] 911, I might add!) the International Judaics need not even spy on us or control our government security and spy agencies to compromise America.  Why?  Because we now pay them to gather, process, interpret, and deliver our intelligence.  In other words, we have outsourced to private corporations our intelligence apparatus.  Please don't have ask who owns those multi-continental, multi-billion dollar corporations!

    Could this be the underlying explanation for the faulty intelligence that Pres. Bush (and Congress, and the United Nations) was given on Nigerian Yellowcake Uranium and weapons of mass destruction?  Could this be why we are in the Iraq dismantling another one of Israel's enemies?  And that Pres. Bush, being not that bright of a fellow, is only a pawn being blamed for "lying about WMD"?!?  Things are becoming a lot more clear here; and below is major piece of the puzzle.  Observe:

Outsourcing Intelligence
By R.J. Hillhouse
The Nation
July 24, 2007


The unprecedented involvement of private corporations in the Iraq War has been well documented. Private soldiers working for Blackwater USA, Triple Canopy and others provide security services against military-level threats, and they regularly engage in combat. But what is not generally known is that the secret side of the Iraq War and the larger "war on terror" is also conducted by private corporations, fielding private spies. The reach of these corporations has extended into the Oval Office. Corporations are heavily involved in creating the analytical products that underlie the nation's most important and most sensitive national security document, the President's Daily Brief (PDB).

Over the past six years, a quiet revolution has occurred in the intelligence community toward wide-scale outsourcing to corporations and away from the long-established practice of keeping operations in US government hands, with only select outsourcing of certain jobs to independently contracted experts. Key functions of intelligence agencies are now run by private corporations. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) revealed in May that 70 percent of the intelligence budget goes to contractors.

For all practical purposes, effective control of the NSA is with private corporations, which run its support and management functions. As the Washington Post's Walter Pincus reported last year, more than 70 percent of the staff of the Pentagon's newest intelligence unit, CIFA (Counterintelligence Field Activity), is made up of corporate contractors. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) lawyers revealed at a conference in May that contractors make up 51 percent of the staff in DIA offices. At the CIA, the situation is similar. Between 50 and 60 percent of the workforce of the CIA's most important directorate, the National Clandestine Service (NCS), responsible for the gathering of human intelligence, is composed of employees of for-profit corporations. . . . This is particularly frightening when one considers that the "war on terror" is fought by a $100 billion-plus [PRIVATE] industry that has a vested interest in its continuation.... [Continued at LINK]

    I wonder why our "patriotic" President and Congressmen never told us about this obvious "backdoor"?  And why would any sane patriotic American President and Congressman allow this to be approved and to go forward?!?  Could it be that they are traitors, or just idiots?  Well, they aren't idiots.  That leaves only...

    And don't let it be lost on the reader that those above agencies (NSA, CIA, DIA, CIFA, etc.) that are now collectively 70% owned, controlled, run, and staffed by private multi-national (International) corporations, are the same ones that are executing all the "Domestic Surveillance" programs that we keep hearing about.  The "Patriot Acts," etc didn't protect Americans, it put us under International Judaic surveillance and control.  In other words, the International Judaics, through their control of these corporations that do most of America's spying at home and abroad,  have real-time access to personal data on every person in America (and this is happening all over the Christian Western Nations), and the authority to gather more info and to conduct electronic surveillance on them.  Now you don't have to wonder how antichrist and his International Judaics knows where to find all the Christians during the Tribulation—they (you!) are all in his database!  [Continued at LINK]



News & C.E. News & Current Events with Christian endtime-Commentary (Jul 27, 2007)

July sixteenth's apostate Christians, antichristianity (false Christianity), false doctrine, and a major league false teacher

    An independent ten minute long video documentary (titled: Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour) of pastor John Hagee's July 16, 2007, CUFI (Christians United for Israel) annual Washington-Israel Summit.  CUFI was founded by San Antonio-based mega-church pastor John Hagee.

Evangelical pastor John Hagee at an American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) sponsored event in March, 2007.

    The Christian should be aware that this same pastor John Hagee (of the Evangelical denomination) is a "Christian"-Zionist who, for an over-infatuation with the Judaics, is himself become nigh unto denying Jesus Christ (See: Hagee: Ashamed of Jesus' Name).  The CUFI is a hugely influential and vastly numerous organization and its existence in these endtimes represents Judaic infiltration into a very major Christian camp.  And pastor John Hagee is their Judas Iscariot.

    Observe the Biblically-illiterate Evangelical denomination  Christians in this video and their non-Biblical beliefs, not least of all their false Rapture Theory.  These people are a sad but excellent example of what can happen when one follows false and unbiblical doctrines.  Some of them seem sincere, pray for them that God pulls them out of false teachings and takes them out from under a false teacher.  There but for the grace of God go we.

    See also in the video the major U.S. political leaders (three current and former Senators) kow-towing to Israel as well, placing the country of Israel's interests over the interests of the country that they work for (presumably America).  See also the pastor John Hagee at the podium blatantly calling for a preemptive military strike on Iran for Israel—to great cheering from the audience of apostate Christians and antichristian Jews.   Also notice that the Christians attending the event were discouraged from speaking of Jesus and the Biblical endtime to the Jews in attendance so as not to "offend them!"  Apparently their pastor Hagee never read to them Jesus' below words:

Mark 8:38
38 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.  KJV

    Nor these words of Jesus:

Matt 10:27
27 What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.  KJV

    Preferring rather to heed to the Pharisees demands, instead of resisting them like the honorable Apostles did in the below—at great risk of life and limb:

Acts 5:27-33
27 And when they had brought them, they set them before
the council: and the high priest asked them,
28 Saying,
Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this
[Jesus'] name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man's blood upon us.
Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said,
We ought to obey God rather than men.
The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.
[Never again let some so-called Christian tell you that the Jews did not kill Jesus Christ, unless you place their testimony over the Holy Spirit inspired testimony of Apostle Peter here!]
31 Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.
32 And we are his
witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him.
33 When they heard that, they were cut to the heart,
and took counsel to slay them
[Yet pastor John Hagee and his beguiled congregation jumps in bed with them! (spiritually speaking of course)]  KJV

    These false Christians, these "Zionist-Christians" (which are even worse off than so-called "Judeo-Christians") are how the world sees Christianity at large, because they are the ones that the Judaic-controlled media gives publicity to (these and the Pedophile Catholic priest scandals), both here and abroad.  This is why the world is rapidly turning towards hating America and wishing us destroyed.  It has nothing to do with supposedly "hating our freedom."

    These false teachers/false Christians are representing all Christians in the eyes of most Muslims, a majority of non-Christians, and many Judaics; and all of them, in different ways, are  turned against us by what transpires in this one video!  The Jews sees "us" as wanting them punished/dead so that "our" "Rapture" can occur, the Muslims sees "us" as attacking them for Israel and the Jews, and the non-Christians see "us" as warmongers and self-righteous hypocrites.  So satan's minions get a three-for-one shot here at Christianity through this one conference.

    After seeing this video you will never again have to ask yourself why and how the world stands by when the beast persecutes Christians in the Tribulation

    Below are the filmmaker's closing words regarding what you shall see on this video:

I have covered the Christian right intensely for over four years. During this time, I attended dozens of Christian right conferences, regularly monitored movement publications and radio shows, and interviewed scores of its key leaders. I have never witnessed any spectacle as politically extreme, outrageous, or bizarre as the one Christians United for Israel produced last week in Washington. See for yourself.

    Though, understand that the Judaic filmmaker, Max Blumenthal, is not a friend of Christians; he made the video to show so-called "mainstream" Christianity's folly.  On his Webpage he states regarding the below video: "The Youtube version of “Rapture Ready” is up. Spread it around like poison ivy."  His words, not mine.

    So why then do I post that video here?  Because it happened, because it is what is going on in a very large "Christian" congregation; and that affects all of Christianity.  And because I have no horse in the race (no "favorites" or "sacred cows") save only for loyalty to Jesus Christ.  If any strays from Christ's sound doctrine I will then be at odds with them; fidelity to Jesus Christ makes one my friend.  It is that simple with me.   I am not implying that I by myself am the judge of what is and what is not sound doctrine; and I am always willing to stand corrected, IF I can be shown to be in some any error through Scriptural admonition.  But it is the Holy Bible is the final authority UNDER HEAVEN for all matters religious and doctrinal.

    To read Blumenthal's complete original article, see: Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour

PS:  If you are a new Christian viewing this, please do not take any of the false doctrine in this below video as true.  There is much skewed and bad doctrine throughout the video.  We only offer this video for its value of showing how close we are coming to the endtime when, as it was prophesied, much of Christianity shall apostatize away from Jesus Christ and towards antichrist/satan.  And to warn those who might be craftily being drawn into this type of congregation.

Matt 24:11-14 [Jesus speaking]
11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love
[for Christ] of many shall wax cold.
13 But he that shall endure
unto the end, the same shall be saved.
14 And this gospel of the kingdom
[of Jesus Christ] shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. KJV

Luke 18:7-8 [Jesus speaking]
7 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?
8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man
[Jesus Christ] cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?  KJV

Matt 24:22-25 [Jesus speaking]
22 And except those days
[the Tribulation] should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that,
if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
25 Behold, I have told you before.  KJV

2 Thess 2:1-5 [Apostle Paul speaking]
2 Now we beseech
[urgently address] you, brethren [Christians], by [as to, regarding] the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ [the Second Advent of Jesus Christ], and by our gathering together unto him,
2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us,
[think prematurely] as that the day of Christ [the Second Advent] is at hand.
3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day
[the Second Advent] shall not come, except [until after] there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [antichrist/satan];
[antichrist/satan] Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is
worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?  KJV

( 9:57 Min. long)


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